When I write,I am not afraid


I write for myself.

to express,to create,to get away.

I write to watch myself grow,to see where I was,and where I am now.

everything I want to say,but not brave enough.I write down.


my fears,goals,and my worries.

The great moments,and the bitter ones.

I write everything down.

I write for hours on end,and I feel like im telling everything to a best friend.

I am not the best speller,or the greatest person when it comes to grammar.

But when I write I am not afraid,to get things incorrect.

I do not hide,I do not lie.

my writing is the truth.

my writing is my escape.

I go back from time to time,and look at my older writings.

I laugh at the events or situations, that made me think it was the end

of the world.

and even though I got over it,at that point in time it was important to me.

as I said before,I write to watch myself grow.

Like an artist creates art with his paint brush,and canvas.

or a photographer with his camera.

I like to think that I am also creating something amazing with my pen

and paper.

everything around me inspires me,not just one person,not just my feelings.

It could be a quote someone stated that catches my attention,or maybe

observing what is going on around me.

My writings are like a time machine,I can go back into the past in a way

and see what the younger version of me was thinking about.

That always seems to amaze me,I will keep writing for as long as I can.

I want to be 99 or older if possible,sitting in a nice comfortable chair at night.

Reading all my writings crying,laughing,taking a walk through the past.

I want to enjoy my time reading,and looking out the window,having a breathtaking view

of a beautiful city or of the moon and stars.



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