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"I've lost all hope of you ever doing anything right!"
"You will never amount to anything!"
These phrases and more echoing through my head
"Just end it now!" I think as I collapse behind the door
Knife in hand I look down at my wrists
"Do it now and the pain will end!" I tell myself
I take a deep breath
I feel nothing as the blade cuts into my flesh
Then I open my eyes
I see red
I see something else though
My friends' faces are pearing back at me
Their voices sound scared and confused
"Why did you do this?" "You should have called me!"
"You know I will always love you! It hurts me to think you forgot that!"
Where am I?! It was just a bad dream.
No it was a bad memory.
Why won't this pain stop?
I've beaten this, so why does it haunt me so?
Maybe someday I'll forgive her and let it go.
Only then will I truly know.

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