Wed, 06/24/2015 - 10:31 -- Alexie

(9:23 pm)

I watched the clouds cover our heads as  the crickets warn us. Mama said that when we hear the crickets, the monsters
are coming for us. Mama's description was awefully vague. She said the monsters look pale,vicious, and merciless. Mama hasn't come home yet... She has been gone for hours. I miss mama,
I need mama, I want mama. I'm terrified. What if the monsters took mama? Have they tortured her? Have they took her fortune? Mama. Maaamaaaa. Please, dear Lord, bring her back to me.
(11:43 pm)
I heard multiple BANGS close to my home. I'm scared... I feel the
monsters are in the village. I saw from the window, men in earthly clothes, taking everyone.They were like angels. Skin as white as snow. Mama told me a story that angels appear when we 
pray for them. Where are they going? Should I come too? Is Mama there?
(3:32 pm)
I don't know what day it is, yet I knew better. They weren't angels. I knew that they HAD mama. They were monsters DRESSED as angels. Rubbing their skins
against our hope. I told the elders, but they never listen. They took the tribe. Left me here... All I have is this paper and a pencil. My last treasures.
(4:23 pm)
The monsters were back. I'm currently hiding  under our hut. I-if I get caught, I'll be with Mama again. Maybe Papa as well above. I smell smoke coming from above. From where I was hiding
I could see the shoes of the monsters in front of me. DONT PANIC. DONT PANIC. I could hear the flames coming closer and closer to where I was. I quickly crawled to the back, but they noticed me. I ran to the forest and they chased.
(5:11 pm)
Tired and thirsty, I climbed up a mango tree. For my size, t'was a piece of cake, yet I heard the monstersmurmurs. I looked up to the sky. No ocean. Just gray. I've been stuck here for days.
(7:35 pm) 
It's pouring drops. I must find shelter. I quickly ran and I saw light from afar. T'was fire, like fire in our festivities. I heard the beats of the drum. Different shades of red, so colorful and strong. Slowly walking towards the light, I felt the beat of our drums and I imagined the 
smiles of the dancers. Mama was playing the instruments and Papa was telling the epics. Soon, I'll be with them. Soon.
(7:37 pm)
I saw only one shade of red and the devil's eyes.
This poem is about: 
My country


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