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Surrounded by laughs and smiles While I just listenOnly my ears are openSealed lips shut Words can’t be spoken
They say, "keep your friends close But your enemies closer." I ask, then, how do you know? Who is your friend And who is your foe? One moment it's sunshine And happiness and laughter.
My name is Brandon and I am a runner. I run, I work, I learn. I am always moving, even while asleep, and love to be outdoors. I love learning and growing and always knowing.
washington d.c. is a monument city looking pretty a city with white monuments every where throughout the whole city, monuments for you to see, which show the american history in our life monuments that don't cause any strife.
With all the cups you gave,
If there's one phrase that's hard to say, If there's something we don't want to think about each passing day If there's something that would make some of us want to cry,
I begin to sign...   ~~~   When we were younger, All we wanted to do was play. But then we grew. And we wanted-- To Fit--
Under my shirt is my skin Under my skin is my heart And in that deep frozen heart You can see the tears and talks About that father I always wanted there for me Underneath all that pain and sorrow
You are not alone Sleepy eyes Purple crescents burn bright under them Boney knees Baggy pants conceal lack of nutrition A broken heart, longing to stop beating It screams in agony
Rain bites Wind blows I fight For a future A better me I do it without thee   Water runs Rockets rise I have seen many suns And many moons Rise and fall
Trying to invent myself. I'll juggle it all and make all the right choices. I'm overwhelmed. Like a cloud stretching to cover the entire Earth.  It reminds me that I am small.
She doesnt know she poor, Even when life tells her in many ways Her refrigerator becomes empty. Whenever she is hungry she can't even find a whole meal. Her family barley has enough food to last them until they can get more.
Isn't she lovely? The way her hips move side to side. isnt she lovely? The way her clothes hug her skin tight. isnt she lovely? The way her makeup is bold and bright. isnt she lovely?
Water running down my face, as today i decide my fate going or stayin wouldn't even matter Would it?
 i was alone, i walked the miles by myself trying to find my way.
The curtains open. The audience is silent. My heart aches. But the show must go on. Fake a smile. To hide my sadden frown. Fake a laugh. To conceal the tears I'm actually choking on. ...
Sadness does not come in the form of rainstorms Here to kiss away the tears off of one's face It is not the color of the blackest night
A permanent reminder runs crooked down his chest a seam, a scar, still raw, deep, and red he is in debt to a strangers hand, loses rest for fear of failing his second chance 
She knocks on my door and asks me to come out. “No,” I answer, but it’s not my voice talking, it’s his. Raising my 6 year old niece has not been easy, given I’m also raising a young man. His name is Depression.
   I was the girl that grew up in hard brick matter. At 3 years old my pearls were stolen then shattered. Beaten,broken and tossed to floor. And all I could can do is plead "PLEASE NO MORE!!!"
Within my heart lay a gap that I cannot fill A gash within my emotions that lay unhealed This wound inflicted bleeds deep within me This stream of emotions wil never heed A cloud of thoughts loom in my mind
Love was all she longed for, all she needed. She didn't believe in it because she had never seen it.   And what she thought, that it couldn't be real. She didn't show or reveal
I am Flawless because i write, I am me because of my height, I praise the Lord each and everyday, Even though somethings don't always go my way,  I still give him praise for all that he does, 
I flinch. False consensus effect strikes again. I'm not afraid of your touch. Fear has no position on the playing field. you recoil, my body like a stovetop to the touch.
How precious seconds pass by me with haste. I grip its tail in hopes that it will stay. A force that acts poetically with space. "Leave me slowly. Keep me here." I pray.  
My heart is heavy today, I sighed Depression is attacking my heart, my soul, my mind. I try so hard not to care, But all I feel is bottomless despair.
Sadness is dark like a dark winter's night Sadness taste like salty tears falling down your face Sadness smells like dead rose  Sadness looks like glass being broken Sadness sounds like your last breath
No rhythm No rhyme Just me And myself Dark hands Bright face WIth a dim glow in the eyes Worn out By the challenge Of living each day with a smile Inside
the girl they see quiet, shy, sweet, strong, the girl I am. loud, outgoing, smart, deep, I am both girls unfiltered. and im completely happy,
I want to get NAKED Its easy to take off your clothes and have sex; people do it all the time, but opening up your soul to someone, Letting them into your spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes,
Without a filter I'm just a kid, Without a father and a mother in prison, I've seen some things that you'll never see, Things that make small children scream, But what you can never see,
  Where do we go when we are lost? Where can we find ourselves and what’s the cost? I’m searching of the girl I once was. Looking and looking, where can she be? I see a girl, is it me?
Its a feeling not a knowing. Curiosity and randomness lead me to you. I feel so blue. We are so clueless. Where to begin and where to end.
Don't worry I've swept away so many times might as well live in the bristles of a broom,
Do you see me?Do you see the jaded light in fancy
Frustration and hate beneath t
So, this is what it feels like when all the walls start to fall. As the towers fall and replace  the the free space beneath them, I will think of  nothing I brought this upon myself.
Smile. We hear the words to often. Smile. Maybe I don’t want to. Smile. Are we taking a picture? Smile. I don’t know that I can. Smile. Stop telling me to. Smile.
Who am? Who am I without all the makeup?
"How whimsical is "She"?
As tears streamed down her face, She realized how alone and empty she felt. She was so isolated and abandoned. It hurt her so much within her chest. A half baked smile on her face. She lost sight of herself.
Wishing upon peace,  hoping no one sees me, Taking a deep breath, hoping no one hears me, Walking through school campus vastly, having fear of being stopped, Smiling, but speaking no words,
There is an end to everything, aye, to what we all hold dear. Time will pass, maybe goals fulfilled - and still this loss we fear. It takes away all inhibitions...purpose; and it leaves you all alone
Once Upon A Time... I'm no princess but I've got beautiful eyes  
No, doctor that's not the problem You don't understand I'm putting guns to my head like I don't own my hands I'm laughing so loud in a room with my friends but  as soon as I'm home I feel slightly deranged
Looking at my face You'd never know In my life A war grows On the outside I`m filled with life On the inside I`m dying Not from sorrow Not from strife Literally I fight
You saw me as your porcelain doll your darling girl Your perfection but There was an immaculate exception you thought i was your faithful pet the dog who'd  "she'd be back"
People have been insulting people forever, and I must say "Stop!" If you don't stop today, then I will call a cop. I want the number of racial slurs to decrease, because, my friend of mine, we need some peace.
One day I hide away Only to stay Somewhere grey So day  I may stry But today is not that day
Every aspect of my life has Always been a splintered crack between myself and who I wanted to portray.  It wasn't my fault.  I just wasn't good enough.  I was not satisfied with who I was,
Society Damned if you do
To be honest,  Society, It's the worst, And it's the best.
I stand at the horizons of other men,
I have two faces but I only show one No one knows my true face, none All you can see is my mask Nobody even cares to ask Who cares?   My real face shows my trepidation
We are the generation of a new millennium.Be proud?Our title could’ve been better, it sounds pretty corny,I looked online, no one seems to think thatWe’re going to be the ones that save the world
When I had no place to go, your door was closed.  And when I knocked, I heard it lock. So I let the rain cover me, and as it flows with my tears, I know that I will soon have to face the mirrors.
Fidgeting, sweating palms, racing heart- Please relax I say; my insecurities can rip me apart. I'm so scared, on the fringe of fright. This disorder makes me believe that I'm not at all bright.
You don't see me.  
I smile, I giggle, I say the things I’m expected to say. Never cry, Never yell, My face permanently plastered with a grin. My positivity can be suffocating,
I dance to the rhythm of their hearts I speak their tongue for they can understand the words that flow out I bite my tongue so they don’t hear my inner thoughts
  I was handed a mask at a very young age. Society offered, and like the rest I took the bait.
I drift the sea of those who offer you none.But when i witness you being giftedmy heart soars.
I don't know what I want. All I know is what I've been told. But are my thoughts truly my own? Does that make them mine, Or are they something instilled?  
i've been staring at a cold screen, a blank sheet, an empty bed, and a split mind.   torn down the middle-- i've been . . . ripped--through--my center
“Conceal Don’t feel Don’t let it show Don’t let them know” Quoted from the movie “Frozen” And none sadder but truer words have never been spoken See we all hide behinds our curtains and masks of sorts
This facade of mine Where I draw the line Of interactions past my kind It keeps me safe From gasps and gapes Truly, a gaurd with a shield   The love within Drives me out on whims
Juniper eyesKalediscopesCold.Bitter.Resting faceSeperated mind from bodyagaintyping rants of equality outcry"Bitch"Like bee-sting.Hurts for a second, Stays throbbing
I wake up to darkness and trip my way to the bathroom click the light illuminates the reflection of a stranger I have worn my mask so well it has become who I am
  Good morning!   How are you?   Fine.   What'll it be today? A coffee? A latte?   Hot? Iced? With sugar? Of course   Will you be using your card?  
  To fall in love
I am a woman behind a curtain, and that's something that I find difficult to accept. Keeping lies, and secrets, I seem to always let them take advantage of every part of me my heart, my lips, my eyes.
No one sees me because I'm scared. There is hardly anything more pleasant than being like those joyfull people. This isn't me, I want to do without restraint. Its been so long since that has happened. I do it for others since they did it for me.
Put on a face Let no one see
I am bruised. Let me shed my tears. My life has been fused. I wan to give. No im just confused. I want you to see my fears. Im scared to live. That I lived with all these years.
You get up just to plaster on a fake smile and laugh constantly, Because that's what people who have their shit together do.
I hurt him. My first love. I fell hard. I forgot.  I erased. I escaped. I yearned. I fought. I resisted. I regret. I got hurt. I hurt him.
I learned real fast, Life stopes for no one, So I let pride take hold, I learn fast never judge by what you see or hear, Take my faith and believe in the impossible, If you want to change the world,
  A smile on my face A joke coming out of my mouth A mask of indifference when hurtful words are thrown my way Pretend it doesn’t hurt
Fiting into my jeans is almost as difficult as fiting in with everyone else. The fear of never being wanted is almost as scary as my fear of being "that girl."
Behind the curtains Never let them close Keep your secrets concealed So that no one should know All the pain and the tears Can leave a dessert run soaked wish the problems fade away
Hiding. Who she is, and what she likes. Pretending. So she won't get judged or even laughed at.  Molded. So she can "fit in" with the "cool kids" And Unhappy, With what she has now become.
Eighteen years of backstage passes      Sleepless nights spent looking after the home Faked smiles while out,      bottled tears while alone      
4:32 am I sit up and look around my room only to see different shades of black, each just as lonely as the next.
I have done the things THEY want me to do. I have loved the people THEY want me to love. I have concealed myself with things that carry false pretenses. I have changed everything i am for THEM. I have become desperate to fit in.
Behind the curtain its cold wont you ever stop laughing? things fall apart the center cannot hold the soul seems to be trapped with no where to go why hide behind the curtain?
Days flew by, blurring in and out of conciousness. Inexperienced and careless,
I hide behind a silver cross that hangs from my neck, My grandmother’s, Because here atheism is a shameful word. But it’s true, I don’t believe in God. I don’t believe things are “meant to be,”
Little ones, afraid of the dark, know more than we do. They know secrets are in the dark,
Fear Fear, is what I am made of
I have always found safety in "putting on a mask", hiding myself I avoided vulnerable exposure. Every once and a while I'd find that mask had become stuck. Glued to my face and personality, and I would question who I was.
Pay no attention to that girl behind the curtain, Just look upon the bells and whistles I have placed upfront. But why inquire to see the girl behind the curtain, When you yourself are enacting the same stunt.
Smiles and laughter are the first you see When u look at me. Hidden behind my eyes are, My pain and fears You only need to look closely to see. Who is this person that smiles so bright?
I like to think that I'm bold, that I'm comfortable with who I am. That I'm the same person on the inside  as the one that the world beholds.   That's not what I'm told  
In the dark of the night, a little girl sat upon a swing
You don't know my life story at all, well I am here to tell you.
Walking away from this pain, Leaving it behind, To try and see, A new light.   
If I were less afraid I would have turned myself inside out and shown you even the darkest sublevels of my conscience.  I would have scooped out my thoughts Like the innards of a pumpkin
Following an empty roadAnd down a narrow path
Every person is born with an empty canvas.   From a young age she showed promise She learned addition and subtraction when she was just 5 years old, Her times table when she was 6.
Behind the curtain Beneath the skin it's different than what's in front Out for others to see Eye contact feels like lasers When people are staring, it feels like the world is closing in
  Accept this  except that 
The doors open for shows at seven, And prohibit customers past eleven. When the time comes and the clock strikes the hour, Hundreds of people charge into the tower. Swarms of customers all rushing about,
A quaint term corrupted by yours truly
A Mask, Displayed upon a smooth, ebony, Hershey surface, Framed by the luscious, succulent, crimson lips, Glistening pearly whites, The Mask, Revealed for all the World to see, Concealing truly,
Insulated, trapped, this box that's holding me Mirrors all around, but there's no room to breathe Knives are in my back and an arrow to the heart I've got time to spare since despair won't let me part.  
Behind the hazel, she's just a lonely little one. Behind the hazel, she wants to the world to be gone. Behind the hazel, she's fighting everyday. Behind the hazel, she's scared in every way. Behind the hazel, she's slightly shattered.
  “You’re not in this alone. Let me break this awkward silence…” Blared loud into eardrums   Eardrums of an emotionally unhinged fourteen year old boy
Haiku  The Mask almost destroyed me Held me in darkness I knew I must tear it off
I'm the girl behind the curtain,
Who's hiding behind the locked door? No one seems to hear me. Who's behind the curtain? No one seems to see me. Who's hiding behind mask? No one seems to see who I really can be.  Why are you hiding? 
A fallen angel with a broken wing Still she manages somehow to sing Though her song is sweet It's full of sorrow Wasted yesterdays with a promise for tomorow She fell for love
Why one must hide just to be accepted? Why must parents judge even when they say they won’t?   There are no reasons to lie just so we do not get criticized
They see the
He walked the halls with his chest puffed out Everybody knew him as the head of the crowd. His confident smile put warmth in a cold heart, not a soul knowing his heart was the coldest one of all.
When Blue Reflects Upon Waves   I’m staring, always staring, forever staring, No focus in sight, yet a bright future yields token, Novel, arguably plausible possibilities.
girls are taught to be somebody's  instead of somebodies
They always say love yourself first, other wise, you'll end up hurt. But I'm tellin' you I loved me before. It some how got out of hand and I started loving you more... than myself.
Rising with the sun starts my everyday Look out to the arena and see a mere Horses and boots are my life Ride everyday with no fear   I am constantly throwing hay Year after year
Forgive me for always wanting to be in love, I know it sounds dumb and stupid. But I rather be in love and feel it’s warmth then hurt from the outcome Of its winter cold.
The mask that I claspIs not one that many can grasp of what lies beyond.
There is something you will never see.... The true me ,hiding behind all these lies wanting to feell accepted ,wanting to be regonized. I dont want people to think of me boring and she has no life .
I step onto the stage ready to entertain, but people do not know Behind the curtain I left my shame. Fantasies are what they are seeing. What draws you into hell? Why do they bother hearing
On the outside he's happy Smiling and vain But on the inside he's crumbling Suffering from pain His family life ain't the best No he knows it could be better But he isn't exactly the type
Heart and soul and opinions abound,
  I’m surrounded by a wall That blocks out the sun But keeps out the harsh wind I hate it But its safety
I've been through it all, but you would never know. Rarely do I let my past baggage show. I've stolen, abused, lied and used Who is this person coming to the surface? I'm so confused.
Here I stand Waiting, Hoping, Praying, Hours, days, weeks go by. Few words and short calls;   Long nights with silent tears. Days of wishing, wanting, waiting. Patience
The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude to me, is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what people think, say or do.
You know me as the hapy, funny girl. But you know what, Everyday is a struggle Somedays, I dread to wake up
Windows shuttered Blinds closed Curtains drawn Don't look in Sealed up tight Invisible me Relaxed Lonely Sliver of light Crack in the wall! Warms the skin
Click click click hear we go again these scholarships are free and the money is my friend   i write about my life to be judged by some man am i worthy of your spoils?
Full of flaws or rather deprived of it? Perfection in one or an endless search to reach it, Pondering on things that make me unique, Blurs the reality of who is the real me, In life we’re given two options,
Depression. It's a common theme. I shout in the void, No one hears my screams. Externally though; I have high esteem... Beautiful genes, Role model teen, Homecoming queen,
Chalk dust fingers and Jell-o tongues Aligned wearing Pressed white shirts and sharp blue bows hold Bright coins that fall dull upon the ground hold
I don't belong here,  at a private University. I didn't belong there, at a public high school, at a community college, or in juvie. I am among the elite, with a horrific secret eating at my soul.
Hello, Me.
Missing my heart racing off beat and fasT
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, For he is an introverted tune Purred quietly by a lion, To be hummed along with, Like the mellowing strum of  An acoustic guitar.  
A million stars up in the sky one shines brighter I can't deny A love so precious a love so true a love that comes from me to you The angels sing when you are near within your arms I have nothing to fear 
Every lion must lie below the grasses The perch must lurk until the little fish passes Ragged teeth are cloaked by gums Like the camouflage print on a hunting gun  
Can’t you the feel the rain?Can’t you see the tears the stars cry at night,under the moon light?But only you can stop the rain,Only you can soothe the pain,
Who am I, who are you, who are any of us really We hide, we lie, we submit to pressure freely We take what others call weakness And mask it in hate, or strength or meekness not show our passion or our joy
I loathe your addiction to cigarettesand the women you go to seebecause one is killing you
I turn to the side and see my stomach fat bulging out,
I take a xanax here and there to escape my impending doom. I've come to find that life is safer from the comfort of my room.
Life is our ball
Tears, streaming down my face Insecurities, flooding my mind The clock is counting down; Life's a race Of the confidence we're trying to find.   I show you a happy smile; an open embrace
I hide my eyes so you can't see
Shadows of the night Mortal enemy Of my soulless life That once again Has brought to the light What by day I manage To keep buried deep inside me    By day you can see
This is supposed to be about how I'm flawless, right?
Woke up, hooped out of the bed then looked at the time looked in the mirror, rubbed my eyes kinda shocked what i find is this thing true, or is this some image that is trapped in my mind
The curtains fall, their breaths' are hushed She enters the stage, cheeks a'flushed   She's captured the moment, they are rapt attent On the edge of their seats, even Lord Gent  
The curtains fall, their breaths' are hushed She enters the stage, cheeks a'flushed   She's captured the moment, they are rapt attent On the edge of their seats, even Lord Gent  
They can't see me, but I can see them through the crack This curtain is safe
How can I be me when i look around and people out to judge me, saying untruthful things about me and expect me not to plead. That the things were said untruthful was not for you to believe.
“Free me”, she screams in his face.“No more.No more a moore.I am a river.I flow.I live and give
Depression is a powerful demon. It takes your happiness and slams it against your own brain and heart. Hope is hard to find, and the end of the constant drowning is unclear.
As I look in the mirror   I see something clearer  
Why is daddy so afraid of losing his princess to tattoos and piercings?
i lost myself in my blanketed tomb scars on my wrist and pills on my tongue   couldn't breathe although i tried i tried and tried
My mask? you ask is made of smiles of laughter of pretending I don't miss you well here's the truth: i miss you everyday... when i remember how you laugh about everything... when i want
Take a second and look at me? Am I everything that I appear to be? You know me for my smile, the constant giggle you hear. I bet you couldn’t imagine what I hide inside. Lonely nights of crying and scars.
I don't do regular, I'm far from it Just makes it sick to your stomach now don't it I do stuff you couldn't do, it's too easy When you hear of my illness baby it'll make you quesy
Eyes gawking at me, my inner soul. 
I'm a flawless lady made of different parts, it's hard to find the words to start. Everything about me screams flawless. Whether it's the way I walk with my head held high or the aroma I leave when I walk bye. 
I sat here thinking     How am I going to write this?  
My heart is a fragile thing I try not to let people in fear keeps me behind the curtain   I'm down on my knees doubts make me feel like I have to follow society fear keeps me behind the curtain
Why am I here I ask myself every day To live, to love, to laugh maybe I don't fully understand my purpose Hopes of being something great Dreams of being something amazing I wonder how people see me
Hiding behind a pseudonym with no shame; My popularity hasn't been the same;
See that girl? Alone, shuttering against the cold, Making her way to point B?   Wearing her hand-me-down jacket and shoes with rips and tears, Only wanting to make it through the day.  
I hide behind a mask,  not showing my true self. As i sit here with my flask,  my thoughts all so stealth.
The only way, it seems,
Raise the curtain
Who am I supposed to be? My friends tell me be cool, be strong, be the life of the party. Do it no matter what even if you act like a fool. Be down for anything and don't trip
I tend to hide what's inside I don't know how to express my mind I hide my soul behind brown eyes I want to shout at the world, but get tongue-tied   I wish that people could only see
Gemini, they tell me I am Throwing out words like Fickle, unpredictable, Uncontainable, unreliable Excitable, dynamic, Restless and mutable, a proper air sign indeed
I did not wake up like this I grew with love and happiness my family kept me grounded and strong my faith kept me where I belong I might have my faults, don't we all?
A mask is heavy. It weighs down against your soft skin, scratches against the porcelain surface leaving nothing but shadowed marks  that protrude against a pale complexion.
  Hidden behind my silent smile I stand aware. Encourage the abuse of the tortured? I don’t dare. But I stare, and cry internally, Yearn forever,
She’s a nightmare dressed like a daydream stuck on the outside of the world. She’s never enough for herself-much less the insiders. The words she speaks are formulated days in advance, rehearsed, edited, scrapped.
i am flawless because i wake up every morning and don't want to get out of bed but i do anyways.   and every day, i wear my battle armour;  whether it's red lipstick or my combat boots
Flawless. Flaws of the skin, Flaws from within Lost and damaged Working hard to repair a mental image. You did not wake up like this You're currently looking in the mirror at a far cry from what it is.
Standing in front of a mirror,
    A curtain surrounds me, 
A passion for music and a love for dancing
I am from make-up and pain,
Not a worry in the world Everything is fine No trouble in your life Not even through mine
Trained ears, Strong mind. Studied mind, Exercised mouth. Hashtag: Feminist. Hashtag: Liberal. Hashtag: Woman. Twitter, Facebook: Platforms. Say it. Just say it.
False face. A mask. A covering. Something you use to hide something. Behind my false face I am lost.  To others I appear as a happy and silly person but there is more to it.  Hurt. Deceit. Loss. Pain.
I show them only skin deep Trying to hide my flaws within I cry each night I see only darkness I show them a brighter me I show them a happy soul I smile I laugh When inside I am dead
Symbiosis. Greek. Meaning together. interaction between two organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage  of both.   I am, and have been
"I'm fine." I smile as I reply,But really on the inside I am screaming, what a liar.I'm so unhappy I can barely breatheI numbly live my life, I can't feel anything.
I am wise and I am insightful. I am complicated and I am confused.
Some people love me for who I am Others hate me for what they see Some respect me for what they see Others look down on me for who I am   I make mistakes I embarrass myself
My mind is free of almost all the bindings. I create something out of nothing   I am invisible because of the over windng. I am not compatible with their lusting   The world treats me differently
Behind these eyes are hidden lies,That nobody has ever realized.But why hide between those hidden lies?There's no one really by my sideTired of wearin a paper bag, coverin up what's behind my smiles.
I walk down halls of familiar faces every day But are they really so familiar Or are they like me Hiding myself from the outer world Afraid to show people Show people that I am always unhappy
I want them to know who I am, but dont. I want to be heard and seen.
I hate these ballet shoes Everyday marks another bruise And as I dance with the pain, my brain is in flames, going insane   Working double time over what should be considered a war-crime
I wear veil of disguise occasionally I will peek out of it and expose my true face telling my deep thoughts of beginnings and endings and what's in between. Only a few accept me for me.
I walk through the halls looking at people, poeple look at me. I don't care what they think as they pass in silence. This is me. I smile and wave at strangers, as if they're life time friends.
Incorrect, pupil.   Thou shalt not reply in such a fashion. The mannerism of erudite is all but eradicated.   Thou shalt never reveal interest in school- In teachers' wellbeing-
  She lives on a street The street was composed of a row of houses
I wake up this morning seeing me and I wonder what would it be like to be he but I can be he cant you see  through compassion I can be he and she! or just plain me
Happy is a smiling face Caring and thoughtful to those who don't know                 Sweetheart, you shouldn't hide
I am quirky I am loud I am imperfect I am awkward I get nervous I lose focus I make mistakes I get back up I am powerful I am strong I believe in myself
There she was Laying on her bed Hair messed up Makeup smeared Beaten No will to live No strength to go on No recognition of what self love was
Every day I pass you I smile so you do too Every day you see me you look right through The crows feet and the laugh lines that mark my face Do not stand a chance against the feelings I  case
Take the candle bright and bold, See it dripping red and cold. Hidden deep within herself, Broken with the bitterness. Selfish needs of other people, Beating hearts and bleeding steeples.
Flawless is me, because this is how God made me. Flawless is me, Because God made me this way, And this is how i am gonna stay. Flawless is me,  Because God loves me,
You’d never know just looking it her, That each day fights for her self-worth.   A depressed mother, An abusive father.
I define myself by my secrets.  I count them like scar marks or ticks in the sidewalk and cloak myself in them like curtains.  I am stitched into a world of sin, but this design is suiting me. 
My life was a cave
Behind the Curtain By David Orosco   I am good at many things, but great at nothing I am an outdoorsman, preferably hunting I have a love for the arts especially music
As I walk in she calls to me
The only thing people define me by; "The emo girl with cuts on her wrists". Instead of discovering who I really am, they only see my many scars that lie on my wrist.
Underneath the makeup And underneath the scars, Titanium plates – They break her heart.   Once a pretty face, A joyride gone wrong, Now an ugly memory Is all that belongs.  
Smile, Laugh, Go Crazy You can cry when you get home Stop Talking, No ones listening You have no where to go
I am an alien. No, you needn’t be afraid; I simply come here to learn your ways.   My home planet I’ll admit I do miss. It’s called Summer, and oh what bliss.   Before coming
I am not a carbon copy of anyone or anything I am not your rag to use until your mess has all been cleaned I am not the nervousness that hits me when I'm asked to speak
Behind the closed doors hides a little girl She seems afraid and confused She seems scared and alone She seems weak and luckless She seems odd and unwanted She seems ugly and depressed
I pulled back the curtain once, You told me it was safe. You saw that I am a klutz,
I look to the sky and think to myself, What if I were anybody else, I've lived this life for many years, But yet I've kept the same two ears, What if I were you? What if you were me?
The mirror shows, more than you knowAbout yourself, about your life,And the feelings you don't show.The mirror reflects more than just yourselfIt reflects your life in general,It reflects something else. 
Older siblings, older cousins, older adults everywhere. Strict, proper, Catholic everywhere. No C's, no B's, A's everywhere. Do that! Do this! Grow up! Everywhere. Okay, I will.
Turning my heart with a racket trying to break it loose to revel the contents inside reveling who i truly am
When your goneits like my world stops.when your gonemy head spins in loops.when your gonemy heart feels hollow.but only when your gone.
Captivated by her beauty, the beast overcomes me.The beast i cannot tame. The beast that tells me who i am. And who i want to be.I see the way you look at her.The way she looks at you.
Let's be raw and emotional here, Growing up, I shriveled away in the corners of the room  enveloped in a young girls insecurities, 
On the good side of the curtain,  I am the smiling, sweet girl that everyone can see. On the bad side of the curtain,  I am the dying, angry girl that only I can view. On the good side, 
Who am I? Behind this curtain I hide, but no one sees me. Confused Scared, lonely Different and not your most likely Candidate for I Don't  truly know. Who I am
Behind the smile that everyone sees
She sinks the blade Deep into her flesh, Cutting. Trying. To cut herself OUT.
 Pay no attention to that girl behind the curtain. She only comes out when she's all alone. The mask is only taken off when she is by herself.
I'm afraid someone will see me at my darkest When no light shine through the clouds So I put on a smile and continue to breath Deeply.   I want to shield you from the cloud and the rain
  This curtain here is ratchet,  It’s overbearing and quite resilient.  It’s embedded with daggers,  Preventing it from prevailing.    It’s discriminate to all, 
Because I'm a broken glass behind the scenesI am an entire home in shamblesI'm only so sturdyThese shelves can only hold a heartAbsolutely nothing else
The mask that one presents to the world is not so much a place to hide, but more a fear of whats inside.
A day filled with guilt and pleasure. How could someone defy that which sustains them? Yet how hard have I worked to indulge? Meager dreariness coats the beginning of everyday.
Pulgarcita: Thumbelina. Living in the grass. Inquires of the day to day, yet no one seems to ask about the way she seemed to hurl herself into the world.   Pulgarcita: Thumbelina
Two masks,Safety in numbers,One a closed-in clown,Another a screaming shadow,Both pieces of a puzzle,Two numbers of the unbreakable code that hides what’s within,  
I've always been afraid to take this mask off of my face. Afraid that no one will like me and I'll never find my place. Within these brick school walls I hear them laughing and pointing at me.
10     9       8           You count down, It's almost time. 7   6      5         The tears they fall, No going back now. 4
I'm 17 and flawless 
Sealed lips
We werent born the same. Everyone is different mankind has flaws Even the sky has lightning and thunder but who is to say that isnt beautiful? Some people may see the flaws in you
Sometimes the disconnect between the world and me (not the fingers typing the words, but the place
I woke up like this... Flaw.. with Less makeup
Not another love can compare to you, Or was it even love at all? I had your undivided attention at first, Or was it only for the thirst?  
You love me now, You love me never again,
I Am Not Like Them I’m quiet. I don’t talk around them. I am scared. What if they don’t like me? Inside, a flower ready to bloom. Nobody understands. I want nothing more,
Maybe it's time to take off the mask But why would you do that you ask
Pure white porcelain 
When people see me they see A beautiful, black woman They have no idea what my story is They don't know the pain in my smile They don't know the tiredness in my eyes They just see what I allow them to see
Teacher, condemn me, For I am not an athelete. Classmates, bully me, For I am not petite. Break me down for what I cannot control. Tear me apart for this illness that began at eleven years old.  
You are imperfect.
She laughs She's okay Nothing is wrong They think she's okay She begins to think so too At home she stares at the mirror   Hours pass She takes off her smile Her laugh Her makeup
Her days were devoured by darkness. Her life was empty, yet she was filled with sadness. Her purpose on earth was often a question.
Who is this girl? Always smiling,  always laughing, hiding behind the curtain. 
Quiet and shy, is how they see me, but, is that who I am really? Oh yes, there are things that they do not know, thre are may things I choose not to show.  
This face you see It isn't really me ​Why don't you talk Because I talk a lot Let me hear your voice No, that's a foolish choice You might not like me I'm a far different person than you think me to be
"She's obviously vapid because she's going into fashion and likes makeup!" Is what everyone seems  to think when they meet me. Hell, I even played a teacher with this bit. Yes, I am a girl.
for the defintion of beauty like the definition of art cannot be defined every wound and scar only to add to the shine for all is valued  they may doubt it but I never will Flaws are beautiful
Reality fades away, and once again I'm trapped in my mind. I'm left with my thoughts, that scare me with all their doubts.
If this title defines who I am to society, Shouldn't it speak volumes? It should -  But fuck society! I am a proud, closeted pansexual With a romantic heart and a dirty mind.
Sometimes I show the real meThe one that no one ever seesThe one who doesn't know what see wantsThe one who rarely ever talksThis me doesn't know what to say
Can you see the madness behind my eyes 
Who is this lady in the mirror? Nerly flawless, intelligent, attentive Cordial, joyous, expected She whimpers   A light shines bright But who would ever notice That the shadows of her face
the Brave know who they are
Your beautiful mind is sick  You see yourself as less than you are  I know you think you're not worth a crap,  But your very being makes me glad I hope you know you're worth more than a mountain of gold
why can't i see beyond your mask?
The curtain keeps me safeThe curtain is my friendIt is my armor from the judgementsThe viciousnessThe cruelty of others But deep down I know
Do I even know the true me? He's hidden in the darkest alley
Little ole' me been hiding and hidng, I think its time to come out and see? NO MORE HIDING!
Behind the curtain What I keep hidden From your eyes and mind Is strictly forbidden   Under the mask What a clever disguise
I am me   Can I be me while trying to fit in this square In your square What society wants from me    Cannot  be the same as who I am  Or who I want to be
I walk with my head up high
Are you ready to see what hides behind the curtain? Can you handle something so uncertain? All you can hear is laughter from her lips, and see a shadow moving her hips. Are you ready to pull the curtain? Are you ready for the uncertain?
Hi, My name is Abriana, and I'm addicted to him. He is like my drug, never good for me but still good enough to silence the pain.
You cover my eyes You open the door
Sometimes I wish I was crazy. Wouldn't it be nice? I could do anything I want freely. No judgment. People would say "Don't mind her. She's crazy." No responsibilities.
This girl is always smiling, filling our hearts with love. But no one knows the truth.. what it's like when shes alone. Broken dreams, slashing screams. not what we call home.
On the surface, I am a daisy, swaying in the soft Summer sun.
She is self-absorbed She can’t be bothered with your petty problems She’s got shit to do She likes to stay home then accuse her friends Of leaving her out
Child, why do you hide? Don't you know the world has lied? You are so beautiful without any help, Don't throw in the towel and say "Oh welp."   You may think your body isn't the right proportion,
I have a confession to make. I am not who they portrayed; Beneath the “steel” exterior Lies a child who afraid of breaking barriers Always hide behind the curtain Because I’m afraid I’ll be abandoned.
Behind the curtain In the closet Wherever I am I am here because of you Every loud remark you make Not realizing you were comdemning your own daughter The way hate slides off your lips so easily
Someone with self harm on their mind is not "doing alright",Someone with darkness in their eyes cannot "see the light",Dont yell at them and blame them for things that aren't their fault, Cause they will believe it.
"small lips", "big nose", "pale face", "big eyes", "small thighs", "fat in the wrong place",  "awkward", "strange", "too shy",  but "dont let them get to you", "dont you cry" smile, smile, smile. 
It's hard trying to find the right door It's like you're running around in circles;
Can't breathe, chest hurts. Can't see, eyes blurred.
Let us linger here a while in the foolishness of things. Let the wind and the rain cleanse all our sorrow and shame.
Many sides, there are to me, One for every friend, they do love me,
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will always hide me. Letters interlocking in long chains, linking, binding, sequestering away, Dripping down the body like strings of slick pearls
Let's take a trip, no a dip into the past where the sun showed, where the dew on the  leaves of the grape vines glowed.   Before echoes of the railroad pinged and clanged,
who is there during the mental breakdowns trying to calm you?
Surrounded by laughs and smilesWhile I just listenOnly my ears are openSealed lips shutWords can't be spokenI understandThis is who I amI say what they want to hear
He wants to love but can not love He walks the streets like the boy society thinks he is Pain is deep it can not come out, Pain is deep it must stay in He must not hurt a soul again
I scream and shout You hear me from across the room I'm a bright prescence even when you want nothing to do but get away Always laughing Wearing a constant grin Doing my best to pull out a smile or a chuckle
I'm that girl.  That girl who smiles and walks with a skip in her step who gets only As and Bs and and is involved in every club. That girl who people like to be friends with  because she is bubbly and fun.
 we live in a world of black and white with people living colorless lives hiding just out of sight husbands with perfect wives this is not the real world not the real me I live in color like a dream always hidi
It's all a lie. People come and go buzzing around like little flies. There is no school alike, but yet they are all the same. They all spread rumors and play the same games.
Who is the real me? Am I the person who people look to for a good laugh when they’re feeling down?Am I the person who is there for my friends and family in their times of need?
I look in the mirror I don’t expect what I see The reflection is not mine Looking so perfect With make-up, pretty hair And a fabricated smile The mirror of my soul Is so much deeper
Everything you say has so much meaning but I don't listen 'cause I don't want to think too much.
Tall. Blonde. Blue eyes. Skinny. Perfect. Make up on? Yes. Good girl. Deep breath. Pull back the curtain. Smile, damn it. They have to beleive. Stop. . .
You cannot know me, No matter how you try, For I am only known to me, There is more than meets the eye.   Inside the gilded cage, Inside the enigmic mind, No one knows my age,
Behind the curtains there is this lonely Gil.
Living under a facade is hard when it's all you've ever known.You trudge past the faces of todaywhile remembering the ones 
Of course I have time to listen to your multitude of problems It’s not like I could be doing hundreds of other more productive things right now. Do you see the sympathy in my face?
I’ve felt this way For many, many years Hiding and pretending
  As I walk down this road  I look for a low glow A free place in this world With no judgement to speak.   When the sign that I hold  Is only for show,
She knows she is going somewhere, but is she? She knows she pushed hard, but did she move? Her legs carry her far, but to nowhere. Her talents drag her up a high mountain only to drop her down into an icy water fall that keeps falling.
Behind Walls  
On the stage stands a puppet that smiles frequently With poise and impeccable posture On the stage, she never neglects courtesy Conscientious, preparing for the future   But behind the curtain
I changed my look I changed my hair.   I changed for friends who won't be there.   I changed my smile I changed my clothes   I thought my change would be worthwhile  
The real you is not liked, Not admired, not of any importance. You hide to be accepted,
Who am I? Im a young girl Happy as can be Always smiling when my friends are with me Who am I? Im a young girl Drowning in sadness consumed by sorrow always crying
From the fairy tales of old
The true me is being smothered. It’s been stuck under an ambiguous mass for some time. It afflicts me. I have yet to figure out where I went or when I lost myself.
the quiet girl, they all speak of my thoughts parade in my mind how can perfection occur when the world is no better it is a race between time a smile in public, but a frown alone
I found a doctor who doesnt believe a word I say He asked what was wrong with me on this day I replied "I see things that I shouldn't see A world without sweet honey or bees To sting"
I was misguided. My demons would taunt me. Convince me to wander on countless occasions. I'd roam around until they'd finally attack. They always did and always do, as soon as they see their chance. They feed on any sign of weakness.
My mask is like no other She smiles and laughs and jokes But people don't even bother Knowing the girl that chokes On her tears It ages her years          For this is me          Behind myself
"A", yeah, that's my initial. It's the first letter that defines me. Who I am displayed for the world to see. But that's just on paper and computer screens.
Forgive me, Bluejay   I killed that bird, because that bird was hurting me    it pecked here and there, Bluejay but mostly stole my air as it flew around my head and kept me awake at night
"She is far too naive. She converses too often with the sky, and eventually, she will crumble." I am shaking the terror off my skin and I am digging up the words that have
I have nothing,    Nothing in the slightest, but thats alright,   if I have nothing, you can't take from me, right? 
Interlude   The face behind Sees and can be seen into,
From behind the curtains i peek. Too afraid that people will see me. To be judged or booed of the stage. I would have to brave. From the beginning it has been a game of hide and seek.
Ha, yah that’s really funny, that joke you just made Suicide jokes always are aren’t they? You know what’s even funnier? Being up at 4 in the morning on a school night Trying to talk your friend out of suicide
?eM Si ohW Fo em sihT Ma ?kaeps uoy mohW I kniht uoy ohw I Ohw I mA ?mA I yas I uoY ?mA ?wonK I Ton dluoW Ylf a truH Dna tnuh I teY
What is beauty? People say beauty is what's on the inside, if that were true, I would be ugly. I hide behind my mask of silky blonde hair and "flawless" brown eyes, but who am I really?
I have moved on from you, 4 years in a realationship with someone who actually care, So why I am still scared of you? I see you and I forget to breathe, I even begin to shake.
              I write this now in the mist of darkness, captivated by the thoughts that have been longing to erupt.
 Men and Women.  Sons and Daughters. Overlapping lives trying to relate with one anther, judge one another. We scratch and scrape, betray, abandon. Whatever it takes to reach the top.
I stand behind this curtain, Talking, in different tones, voices I dare not peak out to see you And for you to see me I stand beind this curtain, Laughing, in different ways
BANG BANG BANG!!! The sound of a personal renaissance, so I thought
My costume is the day to day not Halloween, the holiday of the eternal smile The eternal smile Everyone looks for that infinite line Dug under the infinite  line is a bullet hole of compassion
Unmask Me Unmask me. Unmask who I am. Unmask who I was and will be. Who I never was; Who I wish I was; Who others think I am; Who I think I am;
I hide behind a curtain because I'm afraid that others will see, the person I truely am, The person I want to be.   I hide behind a curtain because I'm hated for what I am.
  Raise the curtain Dim the lights Take the stage And shine bright   Play the part And look to the crowd Put on your mask But smile proud  
The mask I wear
Though I smile each time you see meAt a glance you say my eyes glistenI feel alone while thousands swarm around meThe tears filling the corners of my eyes plead for you to listenI swore they were all accidents
Why must the pain live on? Why must suffering prolong? Why not love And be loved? Why do I close that curtain to my soul? “Don’t show them who you are. Don’t let that side break through.”
My world was trapped in a bottle before I knew What world I was living in. He lost himself in a bottle She lost herself in his betrayal Only a child, I cried for comfort
Who am I? When everything I was dies, When everything I thought I knew was a lie. Who am I? Who tries to be something she's not, Who cried and fought And in the end had
I knew I was different, 
Plump soft lips are desired in the world, I always wanted plump lips like my mom  so that I could show I am worth something when I let you in.  Soft kissable lips are desired by men,
Redifining, rearing its ugly head Erie, empthying its color along my bed Daring, coming alone and not dead   Red is the color of a crayon, and blood Red is the name of album, and song
The letters I type, they form a word, and with the word, a sentence, correct? The letters with strangely, no meaning alone The letters without a home   The word with strange meaning behind
Hell ain't a place, but a word now used to describe the situation Hell ain't nothing without a king, but now it has an emperor, a god, and leader. Heaven is not a dream too far away, but a place I called my home
I see I see the storm brewing around me without any grey clouds in sight I see the crash bound to happen when speeding on an empty road I see the shining light in the darkness that is wrongfully avoided
I’m o’kay.  Pay no attention to me. There’s nothing wrong inside my head.
“Pay no attention to the face behind the curtain”, Or the silhouette in the mirror,
In the beginning everything was easy
eyes are the window to the soul, they say you say you dont love me anymore, that you could never come back, you are lieing to yourself - and me you cant come back because you never left
we all have that face you know, the one we hide from the ones we love. but who saves us from seeing it in the mirror? who saves us from seeing that face when we close our eyes?
somenights i dream about killing you, somenights i dream about kissing you but - every morning i wake up breathless - and alone
when the rain stops and the sun ascends, the only light i see is where you stand
somewhere, someone is out there looking at you and wondering "i wonder who broke her?"
Looking in the mirror i see nothing but greatness
Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain, her heart is filled with hurt, deceit. A woman who's built a reputation and has standards none can match
Laughs,  I hear them all around. 
The only thing that seems to hold me back at times is syntax in my sentences, and error in my rhymes   I fear the judging eyes of others the rhidicule of mothers
The moment of realization that my mortality no longer intimidates.
When I was 13, and depressed, and suicidal, I missed five months of school. Well, I was homeschooled. But I wasn’t at school. Only my teachers knew why I was gone. I had no friends.
    "Sorrow Behind a Pretty Smile" O' Fear , She keeps me bottled up inside
phsycially i am strong emotionally i am not most of us are that way we can endure many things but we break down alot easier than we care to admit i am a man with a secret that is breaking me down
A picture can capture the beatiful scences created by nature. The scence might dissappear after a few seconds, so every picture is different and that's the beauty of the world.
I wish people would change,       Change for good I wish people would love,       Love forever I wish people would stop      Stop abusing
The eyes are the first thing that you notice, then comes the whispers and you cannot unnotice this.
when I was four, Dad taught me to read before all the others and when the teachers all found out  I felt really smothered. even now if someone says "Hey, look at what Cathy can do!"
You go through my closet. I have many, paper maches, mask, faces, or soft veils.
Behind the curtian lies everything,  going on behind the scenes: the warm-ups, 
I stand staring in the mirror looking so hard as if my reflection might change. Leaving the breeding grounds that feed the sounds in my head. Slipping on a cloak of silence as I leave the house hiding the very things that make me, me.
Down far below in the cellar, There is a window I look out somtimes. And I see my reflection- My soul much like my foe- Staring back at my imperfection.   It is here now in this cellar,
Why cant i see what others see. I want to see what others say of me. They say your awesome, they say your great. But they fail to realize  that I hold up a gate.
I am surrounded by the need to conform But I refuse to I will forever be unique   My mask is introversion It shields me well Because of it I am independent but often alone  
We all hide our true selves in some shape or form With make up , clothes, our persona- what we want other to see and know, but not what we actually are and very few knew what was underneath
Ever wonder? About the clap of thunder That is never heard Under the rustle of the wings of a bird? A bird who goes just with the group That follows loop after loop
Look at you, You are beautful, naturally beautiful, Even though you don't see it yourself, I see the pain glimmering in your dark brown orbs you possess, So much seen, So much experienced,
I'm not your doormat I'm not your fallback   I'm not soley here to comfort you When no one else will deal with you   My accepting nature has becomea weakness
You don't really get to see what happens behind these scenes The shifting of bags the scuttling of feet powders, balms, lights, and cues remembering to stand on the tape meeting your gaze
On the outside I smile and laugh But inside I am very sad I look around and wonder why I always want to lay and cry   My life is good. I’ve done good things. But even the good can be crushed by
The young man in the mirror is me, His broad shoulders show his age, My head starts to question, Is this my own reflection, Which is staring me face to face. The young man in the mirror is aging ,
How do I move on,
"Don't wear that it's too much black" But I think I look fine "Don't cut your hair it'll be too short" I hate having long hair "Don't listen to that music in which they constantly scream"
The room is pale and dull. There is no noise. Only the walls could hear and see. Any yell or scream couldn't be heard. Four empty corners. No time is waisted. There is no way out.
      Fingertips trace along the worn out, cracked wall, I have it pinned up front where everyone can see.
“You’re boring” I smile thinly Returning to my book It’s hardly a plot twist I’ve heard this many times I already know it’s true   But then they keep coming back
I’ve been desperate before Copy- pasted a few lines Tried to have fun once
The curtain is green, white, and green The comments ahead are obscene Too tall, too quiet, too Nigerian too rich, too poor, too different Growing up, did your grandma cook grits? No, fufu
Calmly and Gently, Sure and Confident, Happy and Together on the outside Shaky and Scared Unsure and Questioning Never to know On the inside The person I want to be
Behind the Curtain,
I lie awak
Inside of me, there is somebody.   It is me mentally, me behind the physical me.   He/She runs a circus.  An affair of all kinds.   He/She often comes out to play, when someone on the outside catches his/her eye.  
Behind these brown eyes
We, class of 2015, are embarking on the last days of this chapter.
Why leave?When the cover of the curtain so soft like satin can hide youAlways hidingBecause the reality of being found out is terrifyingAnd the curtain is soothing
My eyes slowly open wide  my eyes see the blackened room around me. It's time to start another day, Its time to fake another me. Another day of the same old things, another day of the same routine 
Never again will I be the girl you call only when you want something.
Behind the curtain There is nothing uncertain The world is mine to control   Away from the safety of my oasis There is a basis In the statement I am going to make
Avearge. Never really thought of as a "harmful" word.
What am I hiding? Can't you tell? A secret so big,  Hidden deep where I dwell. Something I want to share, But... Stop You, Them, Everyone Stops me.
I Am From Showing compassion, Caring for everyone Even if you were my worst enemy, I'd try my hardest to please you.   I am From Being positive,
A cold person.
I'm the cheerleading everyone hears yelling her heart out at every game. The girl who helped send the softball team to state. I'm the girl that's always smiling or laughing. But at night I'm someone completely different.
  The girl behind the curtain I sat beside myself for years pushing and pushing to just fight. Fight for yourself. Fight for your dreams. But fear constantly holds me down like a crucifix on my chest.
What people don’t see is the society Crumbling under the pressure of standards Standards As in requirements that need to be met in order for the simple human to be temporarily satisfied Satisfied
Who am I Behind the mask, Just get to know me, And you won't have to ask. I'm like nobody else, A snowflake of creation An individual person A source of inspiration.
She's so innocent, so sweet Quiet girl, bustling world Why can't she break free? Why can't she scream? Never being noticed or seen So badly she wants the world to see 
To others who am I?
I’ve laugh
If you turn me inside out You shall not find mere biological organs You will encounter an eager soul Yearning to fully investigate the world That lies beyond my flesh and skin
I know this girl named Ana, And it's scary what she does.
The Slam Behind the Curtain. What a curious sound. They looked, and looked, but it was just me they found.   They keep on looking past me, eyes searching up high and low.
I hide beh
Who am I?
This fabric, cloaks me in darkness…. The cage within my inner mind fights amongst my own thoughts A whirl wind of confusion. I wonder… Did Confucius mean to be confusing in his proverbs?
Smiles are happy, joyful, beautiful, Smiles are deceiving, A smile is merely exposed teeth in your skull, What lies beneath?
Under my sleeves there are scars you see they were created so deep that they will never leave  constantly reminding me of how much I caused my family to grieve    under this smile you'll soon come to know
Longing to take part,       But not wanting to lose who I am. So I sit back in silence,      and let them think as they wish. Still there's a longing in my heart       to open up and take part.
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! For he is not his usual driven, loved, bright eyed and bushy-tailed self. He lays there having suffered a great lost, a part of himself, and at all cost...
It's all a sham, who gives a damn about my plan I'm not a good friend because I can't be the person I really truly am I'm quiet, but in a moments notice that can surely turn violent
Most of the time, I feel like a fraud, I walk around numb, with a plastered on smile, I receive "hello's!"  and "goodbye's" with a simple nod, All in the hopes of staying in denial.   
Crystal blue dimming to a fog grey.
She sits as a mute everyday, when speaking pushes her heart. She looks with a stoic face, when a smile threatens to break her face. She listens with a tentative ear, when she is tired of hearing. 
I hide behind it and look outhow are you? It nods, acqueses and smiles withoutwho am I? I see the inside and feel the paindon't show it! On the surface there's no complaintwhat is it?
  The true me Can’t you see? The weight of the world is constantly weighing on me Like the branch of a tree, Delicate, Stiff, Weak. I can’t show the real me Because someone might see
Abyss Fluttering into an abyss, dreaming for a way out of this madness I call life. Seeing a way out,
Stress, over-thinking, and peer preasure is what making me be who I am not  
Whisper, they whisper in my ear
I am only a girl,a girl with a heartand a soul made of glass.   A girl who walks alone,keeping to herself.I am just a mysteryto the world passing by.  
Everything I want to say,          but, no- I'll hold back. Everything you need to know,          but, no- I'll hold back. Trapped by my inablitiy to form words,          so, yes- I'll hold back.
In the beginning, I owned two masks. One was a Barbie, one was a Power Ranger.   
Curtains cover your eyes, You refuse to pull them back. I am no longer your little girl,
I was never a part of the in-crowd.  Frequently misunderstood.  Floating away, and away, from  the unspoken traditions of the social kingdom.  "The last of a dying breed" as  SchoolBoy Q once remarked. 
How do you cope? How do you live? Life, why did I want to grow up? People around me, harrassing me about "how things are going" Nothing is what it seems." Kids are amazing and I couldn't be doing better"
Sixty seconds till open curtain Everyone will laugh I just know it I should leave before it comes to this Right? Why reveal myself if I know I won't be accepted Wrong
I stand behind a wall of pain Gazing out into a world of blame, that You're so quick to spue from a fernace of flames, that Your mouth claims. I stand  
The walls are black and the lines are blue The curtains are draping around you, For judgments there is no measure or amount But for understanding-
The world is filled with bitches.   Women got beauty confused with skin hanging out their britches. Hoes, tricks, and sluts.  No longer judged by the expression on one's face but what looks good on their butt.
I was the girl who was closed off I was the loner I was the loser But then I came out of my shell I got a boyfriend. I got a best friend. I found myself  Finally. And now, to keep myself
I lived on a ship for two months;a mental institution for middle schoolers;Rehab.
I see dead people.  Population: 1.  But there's more on the inside  More voices in that mind Climbing for the principal's chair, it turns the others mute and says  "Listen girl"  And says 
I am a human being; I am loud and happy but, inside I’m sad and lonely.
You think you know what I'm all about, you see me walk, you see me talk. You see the way I care for others,
*try reading with and without the bracketed lines  
A beast so hideous, A mask of fate, Why is this beast,
Do not look behind the curtain, or take off this mask. Do not look too deeply into these black eyes.
I must be a ghost. Oh, how they walk through me. It's like I'm invisible, And no one hears my screams. It's a lifetime story, But I hate those shows. There's things in the world,
This person isn't the brightest kid in school nor in many other things others can easily do but this person has a mind that seems to bring life changes to others
Darkness circles the area of the box I'm in! Them, they only see me standing there in glory, open space, with a smile as bright as sin,
Seeing is believingBut don’t believe everything you seeMost people don’t know what the real story is behind meLaugh, Smile, Joke, and CryYou would never know my thoughts from looking in my eyes
I turn heads easily, that is nothing new.
I hide in
What’s the purpose of owning opinions if you’re too afraid to show them? Humans are in need of a lesson;
The pain in her eyes; It doesn't ever leave her: Hides it with a smile.
All my life I’ve been taught one thing And that one thing was to be tough Ever since I was a tiny human being First, bad words and fists. It was never enough. Having a childhood in my house was never easy
when i was younger,
They will never see the real me,I walk with a plastered smile,I try to let my soul escape from the darkness at home,A mother, who's not a mother,And a father, who's not a father
She walks the halls like a ghost
5 months into this foste care          Life is a struggle, it just ain't fair           All I want is to live with my mom and dad        SO they can finally give me the life I never had         I want to get away from all of this      Liike these
On the outside I am rough, tough… occasionally sardonic Okay maybe not “occasionally” Maybe more like….majority of the time Yea that sounds about right People don’t understand that part of me
My smile is a cover, a cover to hide the deep pains in my soul.
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