What I hide


Under my sleeves there are scars you see

they were created so deep that they will never leave 

constantly reminding me of how much I caused my family to grieve 


under this smile you'll soon come to know

That there used to be such pain that I'd never show

emotions of plastic, to hide the sadness inside raising havoc 


under these jeans you'll now learn 

how someone hurt me so bad it caused my eyes to burn 

words that use to be so sweet, now tastes bitter on my tounge 

to think love was real at the time were too young


Under my Brest you can hear

the beating of my heart loud and sincere, and though I was sad

i wanted to help other who had it bad

but you can't help people until you help your self

So I had to get rid of that blade on my shelf


Inside these shoes I wear you will notice 

How the heal is scuffed, because I'd drag my self everywhere 

from place to place no matter where I would go

the past is the past and now I'm here to show

what i hid deep inside, just promise to keep it on the down low


in the end of this story, if you ever get to meet me

you will only see my head up to the sky 

because I have made it through the wall you see

i got help and now I'm just as happy as can be 

Things get better I promise they do, and now that I'm better I can 

finally help you 


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