Hidden in the Shadows


The doors open for shows at seven,

And prohibit customers past eleven.

When the time comes and the clock strikes the hour,

Hundreds of people charge into the tower.

Swarms of customers all rushing about,

Make my mind want to scream and shout.

While others may not show me respect,

I mask my emotions with the kindness they expect.

Playing today are my three best shows,

So the crowd is definitely expected to grow.

The plays are about My Heart, Mind, and Soul.

To which shall they pay their toll?

Every year is exactly the same,

Guests come, go, and ask for my name. 

However, I have no desire for fame.

While My Mind is mysterious,

And My Soul is grey,

People filed into My Heart,

Which burns red during its play.

They all sit in awe as they stare at the stage,

To watch a woman grow up in age.

She once was sheltered and tried to stay hidden,

While she longed for a life she thought was forbidden.

Her confidence grew,

and she soon knew,

The importance of taking every action,

To support anything she pursued with passion.

Her only goal was to put forth hard work

And remaining humble was her only perk.

Whispers in the crowd constantly wonder

“Who’s the girl behind the curtain?”

“Will we ever know for certain?”

For now to all of those who ask,

I am just a girl behind a mask.



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