Black Curtain


United States
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Maybe if I knew who I was it wouldn’t be so hard to let ink dance on this paper and make up words about who I think I am. I wouldn’t try to find myself in a lost man. I wouldn’t get kicked around like a can on an abandoned road. If I knew myself I would’ve known I should’ve ran just a little bit faster from this world. I would have still been a little girl. Splattered makeup for you I would have never lost innocence but running from the world just got me caught on a bob wired fence because here I am stuck but free, the only thing I can tell you is who I want to be.

One day I’ll go up to my lover and say “what do you see when you look at me”? The man behind the curtain will then show his face, and only love can break that wall of mine down then regret won’t make a sound the lost will finally be found; but until that day comes I’ll look for myself in Christ… I’ll fall in love with his love instead because he’s the one who wakes me up out of my bed every morning so why not get to know my secret lover. Let’s face it we all feel lost sometimes we dress ourselves up as dimes when we’re just a walking crime covered in fake gold, being the victim of this worlds disdain suffering because everyone else is in pain.

Fighting a war deep within, what does it mean to win anymore? We carry what’s able to destroy us every day the only thing we know how to say is okay. Trying to wash our sins with soap dove Olay; but that’s not going to work we need God’s ray of light so we won’t do things no longer out of spite and hate. This world is rust; finding myself in a pile of dust formed into one of… me. Who I want to be is simple but dreams can be hard to reach I want to be the one to teach this world how to change I think our generation is full of deranged people who do sad things, but if someone steps up and shares the power of God’s love we’ll be pure, free and as white as a dove. Then maybe just maybe we can all know and see who God said we were meant to be.



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