Loud and Proud


Trained ears,

Strong mind.

Studied mind,

Exercised mouth.

Hashtag: Feminist.

Hashtag: Liberal.

Hashtag: Woman.

Twitter, Facebook:


Say it.

Just say it.

I said it.

Start it.

It’s started.

Move, move, move.

Stand up.

I stood up.

Disliked, called names.

I’m doing something right.

Pass it on.

Pass it.

I am woman.

Hear me NOW.

X on my stomach.

Mine, mine, mine.

Stay out. 

Callalily does not equal cattail.

Does not equal.

Not an equation, shouldn't be.

Have voice, will speak.

“Vocal is flawed” – Society.

Flawed, you say?

FlawLESS, I believe.


Need to talk?

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