Queen D.


United States
30° 28' 49.9584" N, 84° 13' 2.424" W


It's a common theme.

I shout in the void,

No one hears my screams.

Externally though;

I have high esteem...

Beautiful genes,

Role model teen,

Homecoming queen,

Soccer team,

Cheerleading scene,

Honor roll fiend,

So many things unseen...

The smile on my face;

is a lovely disguise.

But it is myself,

I've come to despise.

I am numb in the eyes,

Crying inside,

Praying to skies,

Muttering,  why?

While it's a facade,

my reason is broad.

Life is a gift,

I can't deny that.

So I refuse

to be just matte.

I will be strong.

I will be bold.

Then someday,

I won't feel so cold.


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