The Madness Behind My Eyes


Can you see the madness behind my eyes 
as I smile ear to ear?
You simply cannot see the lies
Or my introverted fears.
I need not say what I feel inside
 my thoughts twined around my brain
I'm trapped behind the bars that bind the contents of my pain
You look at me and see a girl whos ravishing in joy 
when pushing against my borders is uneasiness and ploys 
to plot against the things that always seem to make life misery 
Everyone wants a piece of me
Until theres nothing left of me 
And I'll be a waste of time but please
Forget not what I do, you see
We may not be alike in needs 
But all beings want the chance to be free
And with all these limbs pulling at me
There's madness behind my eyes
to the moment I came to know
you can't live off of another's glow
You have to create something of your own
A forest of conjured thoughts laying low
Like a fog leaving dew drops of sorrow
Filling the river of another "tomorrow"
With colorful leaves that sink and float 
I tell others climb up on my boat of continuing hope
And I will keep you all afloat
And I will keep you all afloat
Because to get to my destiny
I help others get out of the sea 
And maybe that makes me a better me
Or maybe it destroys where I aspire to be
Maybe it destroys my reality
When Im the one to help others to grasp 
the optimism  in their past
With all my emotions held back and masked
I wonder how much longer I will last
Before I can't control it and cast
Out the madness behind my eyes.
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