Who am I really?


Who am I really?

I don’t really know.

I do put up a façade, because I do what I am told

Slowly and surely, I’ve come to realize this is just a mask

I’ll smile on cue, and curtsy if I need to

But it’s time to face facts

I am Artemis, I am Athena, I am Hera, I am Demeter

All these greek goddesses are archetypes that have lived inside me forever

Demeter has been my main go to girl,

She like I, is innocent and unsure

I latch onto people when I don’t think I can endure

Artemis and Athena take me over when I’ve finally set my goals straight

I love singing, I love reading, and I love winning debates

I need to have my mind set before I begin a talk

And once I start, these goddesses help me stay strong like a rock

Though every once and a while, I feel a longing for someone

Like I need love and a husband

This no doubt is when my inner Hera comes barging on in

She pesters me on why I am alone again

Though, the thought never lasts too long

I’m always cycling through the same old song

These goddesses channel through me to help me move on

I know I wear a mask, it’s because I’m trying to be what looks best

People want somebody who seems perfect with right amount of grace

But trying to be what people want is really two faced.

I want to do what’s right for me, and then I and the world will see

That what’s under there is both light and dark,

and that removing the mask is the scariest part

People have expectations and limitations

The hardest part is deciding that it’s time to break them

There is more to me, people.

I’m not a brainwashed, always happy body.

I am Courtney, a human being, who feels everything.

I am beautiful and well rounded, it’s time I removed the mask and noticed.

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