Unmask Me


Unmask Me

Unmask me.

Unmask who I am.

Unmask who I was and will be.

Who I never was;

Who I wish I was;

Who others think I am;

Who I think I am;

Unmask it all.


Unmask me.

Unmask the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the hideous truths behind my every being.

Show them the real me; the one that’s hiding.

Convince her to reveal her true identity.

Show her that life is worth living, but not in a shell.

Help her to break free because she can’t do it alone.


Unmask me.

Unmask the me that I once was and the me that has been lost for as long as I can remember.

Give her a map back home; a guiding light; a star to follow.

She’s run away from it all, as I long to do.

In her place, she's left a girl that appears to be able to handle it all.

She appears just fine on the outside but inside there is a force that isn’t quite the same way.

Inside of her lives her other half and she can’t take it anymore.


Unmask me.

Unmask the one that dwells inside.

The girl I’ve pushed down for so long because she can’t handle the real world.

Tear down the façade I’ve built around and of myself.

She deserves to know.

She deserves to feel the emotions, the love, the joy, the pain, the hurt that I’ve endured for so long.

It’s her turn now.

Allow her to take my place.

Allow me to rest.

Allow me to be free.

Help me.


Unmask me,

Because I have not nearly enough strength to unmask myself.


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