Masking Colors with Darkness


I walk down halls of familiar faces every day

But are they really so familiar

Or are they like me

Hiding myself from the outer world

Afraid to show people

Show people that I am always unhappy

Reveal that I don’t know whom I consider a real friend

Everyone around me is questionable

I am not an average girl

I think about the most incomprehensible things

I don’t always care about body image

I don’t hate school

Yet if I uncover myself

Will I be as loved as before

Will people still see me as a fun person

Will they judge me

I guess who cares

After all we are in a sea of dead fish

Floating back and forth with the waves

Going with whatever we consider cool

Hot not or whatever you want to call it

I hide behind a mask every day

Covering all my secrets

I secretly like school

I secretly believe strongly in love from the movies

I don’t know if ill live past 17

I can’t see myself in 10 years

I don’t know if I’ll be successful

All these things fulfill my mask

I hide behind my mask for safety

I allow my self to appear in a way

A way that is acceptable to everyone

Everyone else besides me

Is it truly who I am

Probably not

But until I’m safe there’s no exhibit

No true display of the Gracie Lewis

Just the one who everyone expects me to be

For now the mask stays on

Until the day I feel as if I can take it off

Shining through all the colors that have been covered

Covered from the people I thought mattered

That will be the day

The day of rejoice

For I will have faced a fear

No longer being scared to share who I really am



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