Ice Queen

I am the Ice Queen

The true embodiment of winter itself:

My seemingly adamantium body hazelnut-brown and smooth

My dark-blue hair as wild as ever

My dress-a long, flowy garb made of the purest white snowflakes

And my crown-the brightest, most beautifully sculpted diamond ever created


My sarcasm turns your fields and hills into frozen wastelands

Yet you cannot help but admire the beauty of your temporary winter wonderland

My emotions, as turbulent as my snow swirls, will never be seen by the naked eye

For I am too proud for that, and the cold suits me just fine


My heart, like the sun during my reign, is entombed in the thickest of crystals

Therefore, I feel no pain

I suppose I, at one point in my life, was able to feel

I am an Aries, so I am naturally fiery, passionate, and impulsive


Despite all the good I have in me, I lacked love in the one place where it should be: home

I was terribly underappreciated by the few I was supposed to mean the most to

So over time, my compassionate inferno turned into obsidian-black ice

Now  you know why the winter months aren't so nice


But it warms my icy interior to see you, my friends, find beauty in what I have to offer and appreciate it

You go ice-skating and snowboarding and have an Olympics dedicated to me

So you see, I am not always cold because I want or have to be

I'm merely coping with what's going on in my life

Hiding my pain


It is November now, and you are preparing for my visit again

For all of you that beware my chilly aura, try to look past my cold exterior

It is deceiving

Beneath the hard, crystal shell lies my flickering internal fire

Only those who have good intentions and open minds know how to keep it burning 

And avoid my ire.


This is why my blankets of snow are frigid yet soft

Why some clouds are grounded in the form of fog

And why (some) winds are sharp but refreshing

They express the contridiction that is my very being: comfort and compassion within a cold beauty.

I am the Ice Queen

And now you know how I came to be.



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