Putting the Full in Full Figured

This is supposed to be about how I'm flawless, right?
Off to an insecure start, I see...
Well, what do I expect when I'm at work?
Just writing a poem before it's time to close.
​There isn't much else left here to figure​,
except college costs that will leave me financially behind.
My passions are worth it! So I'll leave the worry behind.
Embracing my vocation is the first step to make it right.
I'm a human being, not just a dollar-making figure!
A bright future and relentless determination is what I see,
and a badass master's hood at the journey's close.
I'm truly confident I can handle all that work!
I'm not perfect - but no matter - I always find a way to make things work.
My jeans know this to be especially true: I make 'em work with my big behind.
Who cares if the zipper struggles to close?
I'm gorgeous and bodacious, and not just in my own right!
Of course there are curves in the mirror, but there's more to see:
Brains, wit, and sass put the full in my "full figure."
Besides, I'd much rather be me than just another Barbie figure.
But remember, my worth isn't just how hard I work,
or the men who I may see,
or even the obstacles I've left behind,
but measured by how often I choose what's right.
That's what I'll be most proud of when my life is ready to close.
Although my end may not be even a little bit close
(at least that's what projected life expectancy tells me I should figure),
I know it will happen when the time is right.
My life may not end up being a perfect work,
and though I may leave unfinished projects behind,
I hope my perfectly imperfect humanity will be what all will see.
I'm flawless, can't you see?
Perfect? Not even close!
Even for a human I sometimes fall behind.
However, you know what I figure?
Being flawless isn't just making it work:
It's loving me for me - and that's what makes it right!
You may not agree or think I am right,
or even make me re-do and show my work.
Try the math yourself: you'll still come back to my flawless, perfect figure.


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