Behind these brown eyes


Behind these brown eyes

Behind these brown eyes is a girl who is terrified to show who she really is.
Behind this smile is fear and anxiety.
Behind the laughter is pain and heartbreak that never ends.
Behind the strength is a small part of me that still clings to the depression.

Behind these brown eyes is a strength that is growing in size and depth.
Behind this pain is a joy I have never known until now.
Behind this anxiety is a fearlessness that is spreading to every part of me.
Behind these prison walls that I have created is a brand-new woman who is waiting to break out of this jail.

Behind the intelligence is a slow progress toward success, which I define.
Behind the hurt is a new version of me that is still being made.
Behind the agony is a long journey that will never end, because God is not done with me yet.
Behind the aching of the past is a future that is just beginning.

Behind this little girl is a strong woman who will stop at nothing to make her dreams come true.
Behind the fear is a family that is closed minded and judgmental.
Behind the strength is a set of friends who will support me no matter what.

Behind the old Kaelyn is a newer, better version who is waiting for the right moment to announce that she has arrived, and that nothing will stop her.


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