Tue, 11/18/2014 - 21:10 -- SIearra

I want them to

know who I am,

but dont.

I want to be

heard and seen.

but nope.

I want them to

understand why,

but why try.

I feel like im


I die.

I've spent my

whole life trying,

acting like a wave....

I pull them in,

then push them away.

How can I undo

that of which

I have done?

With a smile,

a whispered word,

a gun?

I need something

to bring the real me out,

But like the image

Of socioty

I am bound,

To the loss

and pain

of this world.

Not heard,

nor seen.



Im hurt,


I cant stand

the pain.

My God socioty,

What is this


When I am alone,

I feel empty, dead.


I cant help,

what mad things

crawl into my head.

This one-way glass,

it just wont break.

Which part

of me is real,

Please tell me,

Which part of

me is fake.




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