Don't Show Your Pain, Close the Curtain to Your Soul


Why must the pain live on?
Why must suffering prolong?
Why not love
And be loved?
Why do I close that curtain to my soul?
“Don’t show them who you are.
Don’t let that side break through.”
None of it makes any sense.
Will it ever?
I don’t know
Will my love ever be returned?
I can’t say
Behind that curtain the fight rages on
Must the valiant die?
Will evil always prevail?
Is life
So hard
Because you’ll be stronger in time,
Wiser in experience,
Humble in life.
You will be who you were made to be.
Through your heart break,
Your tears,
Your sadness,
You will grow.
All the fights,
All the fears,
All the battles won….
and lost.
All the death,
And all the joy,
You will grow.
And you will open the curtain to your soul.
I will open the curtain to my soul.


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