A Paper Bag Smile

Sun, 11/09/2014 - 19:34 -- ohowley

I'm wearing a paper bag smile 

It's not a real smile, it's drawn on.

This artifical smile appears authentic

I put it on every morning, so no one can see the Truth

Outwardly, I look so happy

No one has a clue,

Of the pain I'm feeling inside

Of the frown upon my face.

I cover up my sadness

With a silly paper bag

I laugh and supress my feelings 

So no one has to know, 

That inside I am hurting

It's all just a show

I want to tell someone

How I really feel

But for now I'll keep on smiling 

Maybe one day this smile will become real

Until then, I'll keep wearing

my pathetic paper bag

So no one will know my secret 

and no one will think I'm sad


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