Beyond My Doubts

What people don’t see is the society

Crumbling under the pressure of standards


As in requirements that need to be met in order for the simple human to be temporarily satisfied


As in feeling accomplished or simply finding happiness in the present moment


Behind the Curtain


The standards people make for themselves

In order to put on a normal show that’s not


Behind the Curtain


Will often reflect ulterior motives that will later be satisfying only to be burned by

The un-satisfaction brought by new standards and new motives which society demands

A simple peek


Through the Curtains


Just might be frowned upon

A simple peak


Through the curtains


One might find that conformity is the answer

Because nobody likes change

Nobody likes to feel like they don't belong


Behind the Curtain


In order to live up to society’s standards



Becoming someone you’re not

That’s how society breathes,

How the girl with a tear stained face


Behind the Curtain


Conforming to the low standards to become accepted

But here I stand,


Behind the Curtain


With the Word of God in one hand

And my confidence in the other


Behind the Curtain


I can do nothing



Beyond the Curtain


My divergent purpose, not my “show”, will make a difference.




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