A Single String

Mon, 11/10/2014 - 00:50 -- michemo

From the fairy tales of old

Two souls made from one, broken and bridled

the idea of one whose love will forever hold.

Searching and weeping, through mountains and through snow

only one is meant to see the light

yet it is given piece by piece to those who will never know.


Keep yourself hidden, under your layers and your scars.

From the liars, cheaters, and disbelievers

who think your soul is theirs to mar.

Wait for the one that sees within,

through the lies and hurt to where the past begins.

Through no curtains will they look or walls will they break

for your soul is their’s, and their's is yours to take.


Through mountains and through snow, finally you will behold

the prince, princess, frog, any sort of mold.

One who can look and clearly see

the you that is you as was always meant to be.


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