Wake me up inside

Wed, 10/08/2014 - 11:06 -- alsayad

Who am I?

I am certainly not the hidden... The unseen…

My personality is poured out to the world by these words that you read

By the very words that I speak

Like a fluid

Precipitating through the air that you breathe

Take them in

My words are better felt than seen

I am the enlightenment of the world

The sun

Acknowledge my energy

And let it flow through you like a remedy of consistent symmetry

I am the perfect imperfection that you seek

Created astronomically unique

As the mystique aurora

Only at your reach

The true me is never hidden!

Beauty is internal friends

Why enslave it and leave the world deprived of the true beauty inside

Held captive by the conscious mind

The only curtain that hides me

Is the blind mind that cannot find me

I am deep but not hidden

I fill you without touching

I don’t fear as the mind

I done hate as the mind

I don’t regress as the mind

Who am I…

Who am I truly…

I am but the soul… that you have left behind

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Our world
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