She Was Only Thirteen


Nogales High School
1905 N Apache Blvd Nogales, Az
United States
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Her days were devoured by darkness.

Her life was empty, yet she was filled with sadness.

Her purpose on earth was often a question.

She was experiencing the horrors of loneliness and depression.

She was only thirteen.


At school she was bullied

-verbal and physical attacks could not be buried.

She tried to stay strong but her world came crashing down

She forced herself to smile when all she wanted to do was frown.

She was only thirteen.


At home, her memories left her harrassed

as they kept replaying her past

when her father abandoned her and her mother fell sick.

No one understand her,  "she's a lunatic."

She was only thirteen.


Society pressured her into watching her weight

She went from pretty curves to stick straight

It was obvious that her thoughts had tricked her into accepting bulimia

Gaining weight became her greatest phobia.

She was only thirteen.


She would often decide

which is the best method of committing sucide?

she attempted overdosing, self-harming, and even hanging

She wanted an ending... 

She was only thirteen. 


She was depressed.

She was bullied.

She was abandoned.

She was bulimic.

She was suicidal.

She was only thirteen.



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