Full of flaws or rather deprived of it?

Perfection in one or an endless search to reach it,

Pondering on things that make me unique,

Blurs the reality of who is the real me,

In life we’re given two options,

Either rise to become great or wait to be set free,

One leads to glee and the other a drift in the sea,

Either lost waiting to be found,

Or broken waiting to be fixed,

I rather choose to be mixed,

To empower myself by motivating others that seem to be lost,

Fixing the broken pieces back to its natural form,

Adding pizazz to a perfect being,

And slowly fabricating endless potential,

That is yet obscene to many,

Yet clear to thee,

Flawless or full of flaws,

I might be one or none at all,

Because if flawless is determined on one that never falls,

Then I shall be called the most flawed of all.

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