Do I Even Know the True Me?


Do I even know the true me?

He's hidden in the darkest alley

Disguised by the shadows 

Of overlooked self-hate.

The true me isn't even accepted 

In fact, He's despised and rejected 

Separate from the world 

Because of others' thoughts.

The true me has a strong purpose,

But he is told that he is worthless

Preventing a passion

From becoming expressed.

I loathe the true me's reflection;

I just see others' expectations:

Overwhelmed by pressure 

And neverending stress.

The true me is hidden by shame

So he lets me take different names.

I completely forget about him 

In order to fit in.

But what if there is a big twist?

And the true me doesn't even exist.

The world distorted me

And this is who I am.

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