The Boring Introvert

“You’re boring”

I smile thinly

Returning to my book

It’s hardly a plot twist

I’ve heard this many times

I already know it’s true


But then they keep coming back

So I draw up the colorful curtains

Bedazzled with bright smiles

And sparkling with confidence

It’s what they want to see

It makes them happy

And that makes me safe


Before I knew it, “they” became “friends”

Friends keep coming back

Friends remember my name

Friends seem to care

Friends make me happy

And sometimes I forget the colorful curtains

Shrouding my gray, boring self


“Are you okay?”

Yes I’m not sad

Nothing bad has happened

I’m just tired and boring

Please don’t leave me

I’ll be stronger tomorrow


The curtains are tiring to hold up

I'm out of practice

Smiles are fun but cumbersome

Like needles in my cheeks

They hurt my face


I’m sorry I took so long to get back to you

I really do care

Just let me recharge

You have been so kind

So full of love

Let me repair myself so I can return it correctly


“Why don’t we just hang out?”

Silent companionship is the best

Friends that understand me

How boring I am

Friends stay and let me lean on them

Friends that constantly share their smiles and light with me

Even during times I cannot offer anything back


I’m almost always tired

The colorful, sparkling curtains are worn with use

But I’ve let some see behind the scenes

I've managed to surround myself with friends

Friends accept me

My boring introverted self


That’s what it means to be an introvert

I’m not an antisocial entity

Whose only comfort is my home

Please don’t leave me

I crave companionship and love

But sometimes lack the ability to reciprocate


If that offends you

If that upsets you

I'm truly sorry

I'll keep the curtains up

And that's all you will ever see.

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