Earthly Matters

              I write this now in the mist of darkness, captivated by the thoughts that have been longing to erupt. During isolated nights these thoughts rage aggressively with a fervent desire to free themeselves from the chambers inside my head. This pen allows me to release these thoughts as if they were waters of a river pouring and rushing downward unto a graceful fall. They have been incarcerated within me for my own sanity and safety; in all reality, they are only earthly matters...
               I am not perfect. I have problems just like other human beings, sometimes larger than presumed; in fact, people do not always acknowledge or even realize the problems that I face. Do they ever stop to consider the enigmas of others, instead they, " pay no attention to the man behind the curtain". The most devastating problems are the ones that can be camouflaged into a person's existence, the kinds that rend at one's very insides and emotions. Like a boat being rowed against a powerful current, my energy dissipates. Society is negligent to true humanity, it hypocrizies it's possession of moral flaws of the flesh yet presume the role and judements of deity.
               Due to these acts of negligence, I have learned to conceal my problems; I have become a master of deception, decieving others as well as myself. I cloak my authentic problems deep within my very soul, where I know no one can acknowledge them. I fight so desperately against the current in order to escape the frigid waters that surround me. Often I feel that only God can obtain, listen to, and understand these problems.
               Earthly matters are problems that so many people argue and dispute about regularly. We create problems inherently with each other, but the profound problems are the ones that sprout depression. This poisonous growth corrupts the soul, creates a plethora of emotions. 
               The Earthly Matter I face is my love for people: I love people in every essence of the statement. Some love is not accepted and chosen not to be seen or acknowledge while other forms of love are admirable and praised. 
               Do not allow judgements of others prevent you from being you, this is self destructive. In whatever form it presents itself, do not allow Earthly matters to evolve into eternal despondency.
      Time on Earth is a gift. Only when we choose to enjoy this precious gift positively, and cohesively in harmony will we live life as a gift and not a burden.
           Do not fight against the current. Enter the frigid waters freely, and discover your own stroke as you surrender to the wretching of the current; it will give you power when you are weak. Let the current be your guide , and do not hesitate to submit to the direction of the currents pull. Although you might be propelled down a waterfall, you will land in a still, warm, foriegn place. Once you are there you will love this place and the peace of mind it brings, this is where you truly find God; With the spirit of the internal current Earthly matters will fall adrift. 


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