Gluttony, Sloth

Greed, Wrath

Envy, Pride

Confusion strikes me from inside 

What is this?

Why should I continue, do you see me for who I am?

Molded, Impressed, Stamped, Manufactured

You’re sweet

You’re beautiful

You’re weird

You’re annoying

You’re pathetic

You’re weak


Stop doing this, start doing that, change this, improve that


But who am I?

Daughter, Sister, Brother, Son

Just peak underneath at what I have become

I want you, I want this, I want that.

Desires contain me in this world

Desires control me

But the moment I get what I desire, I must continue

Desire something else.

Be controlled by something else

A flaw in my makeup, you might pronounce

But it has left empty

It has left me no one

Not even myself

Underneath, who I am?

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