The Little Rain Cloud

Every day I pass you I smile so you do too

Every day you see me you look right through

The crows feet and the laugh lines that mark my face

Do not stand a chance against the feelings I  case

The walls are full of darkness and Im drowning 

But I will never let you see me frowning

I carry this little rain cloud wherever I go

Even if you can't see it though

I carry this little rain cloud when I laugh

He is there with me even when I take out the trash

He is there even on the sunniest of days

He was there on your birthday that happy day in may

To him it seems I am bound

Even when you are around

It is not your fault I feel so lost

I just can't tell you my real thoughts

how i can't sleep because i'm so sad

how i hurt myself even though i know its bad

I don't mean to make you cry

and I expect for you to ask why

but I am sorry, this is goodbye




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