Masks by Gabriel Reyes


I begin to sign...
When we were younger,
All we wanted to do was play.
But then we grew.
And we wanted--
To Fit--
To fit into society.
So we begin to put on a mask.
Left hand reaches for the mask.
Palm covers face and speaks to a friend.
Face them.
Turn to face a business partner.
The first mask no longer works.
Put on a new mask, and accomplish my task.
Juggle a third mask, facing a superior.
Pray to them hiding my true emotion.
To submit is to fit some bit.
Face a crush, and hide most of all.
To be by their side, to be a loved.
Hide my intent.
Face my friend, my partner, my god, my lover.
Juggle and juggle clowning a life.
Drop masks and lose track.
I face one anticipating another.
I lose my faith.
I lose my god.
I lose my friend.
I lose my love.
The mask crash.
Without the mask live like a child.
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