Turtle Shell

On the outside he's happy

Smiling and vain

But on the inside he's crumbling

Suffering from pain

His family life ain't the best

No he knows it could be better

But he isn't exactly the type

To pick a dream and go and get her

He appears to be full of confidence

A man void of most fear

But that's really just a shell

To hide the boy that's inside of here

Nobody knows the real him

The one that hides in his shadows

He's the only one to tell the story

Of the boy who lives in sorrow

It's one that's filled with pain

More than you would probably expect

But the truth remains, nonetheless

And you should listen and respect

It's one that isn't pretty

But if you take the time to care

He may just open up to you

And might begin to share

So if you get to know him

And be friends with him today

You might bring out the happy version

And wash the pain away


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