bitter sweet symphony


 i was alone, i walked the miles by myself trying to find my way. the longs roads, the time i spent to try to make you happy, ive found bitter, the broken promise that you gave me that choped me down like lumber the lies you tell you try to cover up the ugly truth the face you gave me when i wanted to be something that your not. i am strong, i have faith, i have courage, they was all something you couldnt take. i watch you burn into you pit of dispair, now that you gone i found peace in my voice. all the fighting we did, every last we hope we had, every dream we wanted, was washed away like a pop can at the beach. for those mistakes have become sweet symphony, all the pain, all the confusion of the word love all, the broken promise became happiness, i wrote our pain because the pain came ever lasting like i thought how our love was. i walk for 267 day 134 hours 727 minutes 67 just to find my peace. i dodge all your booby traps that you try to make me turn around. but now im alone but happy, im in pain but im at peace, im close to the edge but im stronger thane ever before.

this is my bitter sweet symphony.


                                                                                                                                                 by: David Carter


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