Deterioration of The Worlds Creation (A form of slavery)

Tue, 11/11/2014 - 18:23 -- Shewas


I am what you see!
Without you.... well there would be no me.
You built me in the image of your mindset at the time mixed with your insecurities and hatred for the world
See when they created you it seemed to be the same, except you were different cause you sorta had a brain
Although you never quite broke free you were never completley ensnslaved  and those trends and daggers of judgement never broke you
Despite the fact that their were none else like you, and forgeting the fact that you had no one to turn to...
You made me in your image You made me so that I could understand
You wanted me to feel your pain and understand what you went through cause thats what friends do?
The weight was just to strong, and your grip wasnt strong enough
There was no way I could hold on
The crushing pressure of social status, the life or death decisions of the pacecetter
But  to top it all off- I was killed by the stampede of its followers.



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