Bed Springs

I see dead people. 

Population: 1. 

But there's more on the inside 

More voices in that mind

Climbing for the principal's chair, it turns the others mute and says 

"Listen girl" 

And says 



I see a movie. 

It plays back in my mind and when I think I'm at the worst part, it skips to the end. 


Rewinds, and plays again. 

I see a girl. 

She's swinging and kicking her legs like she's about to take off

And her daddy's snapping photos 

And she can't see her mama 

But she can feel her hands 

Every swing that wedding ring makes a dent in her shirt 

And then she flys. 

I see memories. 

I hear bed springs hot with adultry and 

I think "Listen" 

But I should have plugged my ears 

I felt the palm of my hand push that door 

And I think "Watch"

And I regret it. 

And I run. 

And run.

And run. 

And I think mama, daddy, where did it go wrong? 

And when my legs aren't on my body 

I'm flying 

Till I sit down on that swing 

Rewind the movie, watch again

Legs swinging like sacks of blood 

Thinking I'd change it if I could 

And my lunch flys out of my mouth onto my favorite swing 

Till I run to the bathroom 

Wipe my face 

Grab the sink 

I see dead people. 

I see me. 


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