Gilded Cage

You cannot know me,

No matter how you try,

For I am only known to me,

There is more than meets the eye.


Inside the gilded cage,

Inside the enigmic mind,

No one knows my age,

No one knows the kind,


You may think you know my age,

You may think we share a thought,

But you see not into the cage,

And you know what I think not,


For in this cage is a mind beyond its years,

In this cage is a mind unrestrauned,

In this cage are mental tears,

In this cage a mind is pained,


It dwells not on the past.

It dwells on yet to be,

But as long I last,

You will not see me,


For in this gilded cage,

I keep my self and thought,

And allow you not to gauge,

Who I am and how I am not.



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