More than a Pretty Face

"She's obviously vapid because

she's going into fashion and likes

makeup!" Is what everyone seems 

to think when they meet me.

Hell, I even played a

teacher with this bit.

Yes, I am a girl.

Yes, I intend to make a career out of fashion.

Yes, I like makeup.

No, that does not warrant you to

think me shallow and not take me seriously.

I am ambitious; a freethinker;

A creative; An Ingenue. 

What are you?

So what if I'm into feminine pursuits?

It doesn't devalue me as a human being. 

I speak three languages, take higher level courses,

and am a high level athlete.

I have an affinity for the Arts,

and I enjoy culture.


you choose to focus solely on the fact that I like fashion,

and immediately decide I am vapid as a result.

That's Argumentum ad Hominem, and you know it.


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