Behind The Curtain, Shameless


I stand behind a wall of pain

Gazing out into a world of blame, that

You're so quick to spue from a fernace of flames, that

Your mouth claims. I stand


Windchill chills blow through the rain, as they smear on my window

Slapping against the pane with their hand of hate

I patiently wait for the disdain to emancipate my true me

Shall I be free? Shall I see how you see?, or would that make me

A villain to my own soul that I fight to uphold

Behind that, I won't stand.


A one woman woman, shameless am I

But it seems that I still smile when I cry because I spread my thoughts and fly with their wings

At least that's what I daydream.

I don't dream at night anymore because the curtain entangles my body with your mind

I project what I disrespect because I protect what I neglect never knowing now new niches arise

I'm expected to be cast in the part of the mother of Grendel and represent her evil to be you

Yet your yearing for youth in evil helps me see to, manifest a new beam


I strive to stand for my purpose because to me it's worth it

We were never perfect, yet we're perplexed about Life's breath of contest or our life's ship

I'm querky and I'm ancy but I could never be me because the curtain is fixed

That wheel that you turn is not the same wheel that I learned, to drive on

I made my own lane, but construction is not done

No shoulder to ride on, the curtain has won

If I truly don't care what you think then the curtain will be done

When I love myself honestly, then from behind the curtain I will come, shameless.


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