Day dreaming

Insulated, trapped, this box that's holding me

Mirrors all around, but there's no room to breathe

Knives are in my back and an arrow to the heart

I've got time to spare since despair won't let me part.


Living this life, time and time again

Failing to change what has always been

I see now what I've missed behind those eyes

A dream supressed that I'll never let fly


Dreaming, drowning. Living, lying.

I have never been so afraid of dying.

The music's getting quiet, but my thoughts are screaming loud

A tear falls down my cheek, while my heat lies on the ground.


Day turns to night, white turns to black

Innocence is gone, and there's no going back.

The tables have turned, the birds are singing

My chains will break free from my fear of succeeding.



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