Sour Grapes


She lives on a street

The street was composed of a row of houses

Each was indistinguishable from the next

Except for the different pastel

In which each was painted


No one here would tell her

That she reminded them of their daughter

So long ago

Or their sister

That they drifted apart from

For no particular reason

She reminded everyone of no one

And no one of anyone

With that she was content


She powders her nose

Before going to the library

But she does not comb her hair

Before the party

Does this provide insight?

Into the type of boy she hopes to attract?

Or does it simply imply

The level of importance she deems each place to have

Are boys even attracted to powdered noses?


Although it is hot outside,

She dresses in layers

Because where she is going is cold


She is not traveling

To a far away place

Where conformity is still evident

But at least different from here


She dresses in layers not because she wants to

But because she has to

She dresses in layers

Because the air is only warm to those who simulate their neighbor

She must protect herself against the frigid cold in which she is forced to exist


She has a passionate hatred towards conformity

Perhaps that is because she was never able to conform

Perhaps that is because she never desired to


Perhaps it is all just sour grapes

Perhaps it is not


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