My Drug Abuse


Hi, My name is Abriana, and I'm addicted to him. He is like my drug, never good for me but still good enough to silence the pain. People think he is playing me, but to me this is more than just a game. This is my life. He is the "booger sugar" that hangs at the ends of a nose, he is more holy than the bag of mary jane sitting in the closet. He feels so good I'm hooked, and never want to get off him. I often ask myself, "When will I move on?" But like any other drug out there, his love is too strong. Yes, also like any other drug there are side effects. There should be a warning label. "Warning, this love may come with the following side effects: 1. you become jealous 2. you have to have him at leats twice a day or you feel dead inside.3,4,5,6,7,8,and 9. It is not guaranteed that he will love you back. " The truth is I am trapped. When I see him, I float up to cloud nine. When he speaks to me, he turns my whole world into a rythm,  a poem. I never understood why it was so hard to get over a drug until I met him. He is responsible for all the joy and all the pain. But hey! like the coach says: If there is no pain, there is no gain. So I'll just try harder, I'll climb every mountain, and  I'll swim every river just to be with him. I'll show him no matter how hard he hurts me, or pushes me away I'll still be there. Hi, My name is A'Briana, and I'm addicted to him. And he is NOT, under any circumstance, a drug I am willing to give up.


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