Behind the Curtain


I am bruised.

Let me shed my tears.

My life has been fused.

I wan to give.

No im just confused.

I want you to see my fears.

Im scared to live.

That I lived with all these years.

But to survive.

I need to forgive.

Behind the Curtain.

People like you make me furious.

Why must you curse.

So much that I would like to see you injurious.

I want all of you to pay.

Why must you make things worse.

What do you gain.

I pray.

Giving me pain.

Behind the Curtain.

Its my temptaton.

That I want to express.

It wll be my new inception.

I want to confess.

If I did comitt.

I still qestion my superstiion.

And if you could remitt.

Behind  the Curtain.



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