The World Talks


Following an empty road
And down a narrow path

This is what the world feels like;
Vacant, but claustrophobic

Ambitious and loud,
But the world hushes
Nerdy and artistic,
But the world laughs

Annoying because I love to talk
And obsessed because I have passion,
But the world ignores my desires

Trying to achieve all I can
Until I’m swallowed whole
With no one to extend a hand

"Not normal" is the new normal
So, who am I supposed to be?

I am confident and expressive
So, the world can hold its tongue
Comedic and silly
So, I laugh with the world

But the world is not hateful;
It’s uneducated about all it can be

I want to be inspirational
I want to succeed
I want to be myself

And help the world do the same


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