Behind the Curtain Slam


Behind the curtains there is this lonely Gil.

Behind the curtains there's this girl who's longing to get noticed.

Behind the curtains she's crying out but no one can hear her.

Behind the curtains she's hopeless.

In front of the curtains she has a smile on her face
In front of the curtains she tries her hardest to keep people from getting to know her she knows if everyone knows what's behind the curtains they will not like what they see. They will see a broken girl hanging on the balance on the verge of drowning, a girl who's tired of fighting every day to keep a smile on her face.

They would see an unemotionally stable girl
So she has to hide it away
She tries to fight it
She clay this mask of a certain character she wants to be

She knows that if she let anyone see what's behind the curtains, they will take advantage and use it against her. She's been emotionally to much. He told her he loved her only to take it back. She forgive to much. He left her when she was three only to come back years later like nothing happened. Again she had to forgive and forget
She doesn't know what to do so she drowning
She's praying that the storm will pass
Some days it dies but its not enough
She waiting for the day when someone will be interested enough to look behind the curtains

They don't care enough to do so
All they see is the smile
All they fell is the warm hugs
Can't they see she's losing it every day
Can't they do anything something to help her
Will they get to her on time will they get a chance to peek behind the curtains
Will it be too late?

She trust to much
She love to easily
She hide behind a mask
A mask who everyone believe is the real her
Will she get to reveal what's behind the curtains?


No she needs to forget
In order to forget she needs to forgive
God will help her forgive those who wronged her
In order to forgive them she has to forgive herself
She needs to stay in a shell
No! She must not let anyone in
She must shut down
She must keep the smile
She must stay behind the curtains

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