Yes, everyday a mask is worn,

A costume to go with.

A smiling face is painted on

To make myself a myth.


No tears will ever streak my mask,

No sadness leaves a stain.

No anger, hate, or loneliness;

Just happy things remain.


Though mournful meets monotony,

The masks don’t show this truth,

For underneath the surface hides

A boy who’s lost his youth.


I yearn for real relationships

Of love and trust and care,

But none of that I’ve ever known,

So masks remain still there.


I hope to meet someone someday

Who wears a mask like me.

We’ll recognize what’s underneath:

a hope, a love, a plea.


Together we will learn to love,

and masks will chip away.

We’ll learn to love ourselves and then

No mask, just us. Someday.

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