Blanket fort

You cover my eyes

You open the door

You reveal the surprise

My heart hits the floor

It fits around your bed,

It’s the perfect size

Made from wood and sheets

And lights strung from the nails

That keep the beautiful

Safe haven


I lay there and wonder

What did I do to get so lucky?

What can I do to prove to this man that I love him?

He always finds ways to surprise me

And I am always trying my hardest to give back to him

He doesn’t let me

And that bothers me

But for now

I enjoy the wonderful

Beautiful replica of the night sky,

Curled up in a ball, on my love’s bed,

Wrapped tightly in his embrace

I gaze at the lights and wonder

Why do we love these?

Why do humans love blanket forts with lights?

It is because it brings us closer to something


It is a little glimpse of the infinite universe

And when lights are wrapped around some wood,

Portraying the stars,

Hanging around a bed frame,

We feel like we are amongst them

Like we could be as alluring and hypnotizing

As the true stars in the sky

Maybe we could even consider ourselves

Elegant or fascinating or divine,

Because we are surrounded by the beauty of


I look over at him

And I realize that it is not the sensuality of

Closeness to the stars

That makes me feel dazzling,

It is the fact that he “made this for us”

In which makes me feel that we are



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