I'm a broken glass behind the scenes
I am an entire home in shambles
I'm only so sturdy
These shelves can only hold a heart
Absolutely nothing else

I can't handle, any more ghost coming into this door
Because the lock, just won't work anymore
And because of that, I can't always trust myself
I think that if I leave this home, I'll turn into something else 

This mansions lost is grace 
Mold in the pipes, rust on my face
This mansion is just an oversized cell
Everyone comes in, 
because they want a little piece of Hell

I'm not as happy as it seems
Every smile comes with a twitch
Because I'm running out of blankets
To hide under, the truth isn't something like fabric
that I can restitch

I'm scared I'll hear the door screech, 
I'll be in the kitchen, listening to those broken hinges 
I fear someone will come inside
Trying to feed me that they love me, tell me that I'm lost in here
But I'm just simply trying to hide

Don't come look for me,

Don't leave me alone 

Don't come into this house

But please at least stay on the phone.. 



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