So, this is what it


So, this is what it feels like when all the walls start to fall.

As the towers fall and replace  the the free space beneath them,

I will think of  nothing

I brought this upon myself.

This is what it looks like when your depression wins the fight and your heart doesn't.

This is what it looks like to only hurt on the inside.

There is no worse feeling  than the feeling of and empty heart trying to pump blood into a hungry body

There is no worse touch than a slap on the back by a hand the is covered in needles

There is no worse sight than a crooked smile from a pretty girl who is cracked on the inside.

The biggest lie we ever told ourselves was that we were ok.

You see, there in no such thing as being ok for girls with broke minds.

Oh, but I hide it well.

I am the girl with thick skin

I am the most confident girl in the room

I am the sassiest of ladies you  will ever entcounter

And of course I am the funniest of them all.

It is called play pretend.

If i play the role long enough maybe ill become the role.

I am the master of hiding in plain sight.

I will be your page turning novel, all you have to do is find me.

A dark cold ally is where my mind will be.

This is what it felt like before the walls caved in.

It's not that I am  misunderstood

It is that no one has tried to understand

Depression is not a myth.

it is the only cure for happiness, and i seem to have.

You cant fix a broken mind.

It is like a record player that plays the same lines.

Hurt, pain, hurt, pain, hurt

after awhile i just stop hearing the toon.

When the walls start falling down

I won't think of anything, because there is nothing left






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