Fluttering into an abyss,

dreaming for a way out

of this madness I call life.

Seeing a way out,

But knowing it’s not the right one.

Crawling to the door,

That lies ahead of me;

But like Alice in Wonderland,

I'm too small,

And I'm just too far from the table.

It towers above me

Like a shadow against a blank wall,

A vast ocean swallowing me-

Breathing me in.

Every decision I've ever made

Crashes down on me- devouring me

Like the whale from Jonah.

All of these whirling feelings, 

flying through the air,

make me wish,

Just for once,

I could see into the future, 

know what all the right answers are,

make everyone happy,

And do all of this --

In a blink of an eye.


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