The everyday battle

My heart is heavy today, I sighed
Depression is attacking my heart, my soul, my mind.
I try so hard not to care,
But all I feel is bottomless despair.
I catch my breath I breathe, one... two... three....
But I am not free.
I look for reasons to be happy. 
I know I should be, happiness is not lacking.
But even the happy moments only last so long...
Before I know it they are far gone.
Slowly then faster I fall in deeper.
Depression is a monster, a big dream eater.
I battle it constantly. 
I keep it away.
But sometimes it gets me.
And on that day...
On that day I sit here. 
I feel so alone.
I crawl inside myself,
To a small corner and I moan.
I wait for some sunshine.
But there is nothing but gray.
It all feels hopeless.
I want it to go away.
The hurting must stop.
The aching must end.
I gather up courage and I strike at it again.
The battle resumes.
This time it's round two.
The fighting lasts a long while.
Hours turn into days.
I am losing this war, depression is winning. 
But then it all changes.
Something rides in on a glowing white steed
It rides in, in the form of a seed.
A seed of hope brought by a hand.
This hand is held out for me to grasp.
I grasp on tight, and now we are two.
Together we battle this ugly dark matter.
Together we win!
We cheer and shout.
depression has been shattered!
I am happy again. 
At least for now...
For there is always that monster lurking, turning about with a big ugly grin,
And soon it will strike and drag me back in.


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