I am a Liar, Telling The Truth


I am a liar.  I can lie to you, look you right in the eyes, and lie.

I can lie to you, and not feel a thing about it.  Not even blink.

And the saddest thing about all of this, I’ve probably already done it

I am a liar.  Forget everything you know about me, it isn’t true.

I have lied about everything about me, to fit in with others better.

And the saddest part about that is, I’ve started believing my own lies.

I want to tell the truth now.  I don’t want to lie about who I am, or what I’ve done.

But I’m scared to tell the truth, perhaps they won’t like me anymore.

So I will brace myself for the worst, close my eyes, and speak the truth


I am five foot two tall.

I am currently seventeen years old

Last I checked I weighed 110.4 lbs

I have brown hair and eyes that are mostly brown, but like to change colour

Those are the easy ones to speak.  Easy to prove.

Not easily lied about-except weight

But there are more personal ones that I have, hidden away


I identify as Demi-Sexual

That means I can be-and often am-attracted to people of any gender and sexual identity

But I won’t be sexually attracted-meaning desiring sex from them-unless romantic feelings are involved

I love working with my hands

I love building things, painting things, working on artwork, anything that involves using my hands

I love playing my Violin

I may not always want to start playing, but once I do, I dislike to stop for anything.

I learn better by doing, not by learning.

I can sit in a classroom all day and not learn a thing, but put me on the job, and I can do it in three hours

I live off sound, not sight.

If something looks bad I can live with it, simply by ignoring it, but if something sounds bad, it hurts me

I love easily, and never forget it

If I say I love you, I mean it, and I will never stop.  Even if I’m mad at you, or no longer in your life I will still worry and fret about you.

I prefer taking notes out of a textbook than by lecture

It’s easier for me to comprehend things when I have a textbook in front of me.  Taking notes out of a book makes learning easier.


Those truths are easier to lie about.

Easier to keep secret.

Easier to hide.



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